Just Cause 3 vintage part locations guide

Just Cause 3 vintage part locations guide

Just Cause 3 vintage parts are a collectible with a twist, as you aren't just rounding them up for completion's sake. They are divided into three sets, and collecting all of them in a set unlocks a vintage weapon or plane that can be called in via a Rebel Drop – these are the U-24 Zabijak shotgun, Peacebringer revolver, and Carmen Albatross fighter plane. Getting all of them also means you'll add the Old School achievement or trophy to your virtual awards, so it's well worth the effort. To help out with this, I've put together this guide with coordinates and screenshots to pinpoint each vintage part in Just Cause 3.

U-24 Zabijak (Insula Fonte)

Lacos #1

Coordinates: 40.642, 43.986

Head to the coordinates above to find a large hill. Approach from the north to see a slope behind the hill that leads to a small grotto – the part is in the dirt here.

Lacos #2

Coordinates: 40.748, 41.170

Go to the island at the northwestern part of the province and check the southern beach to find this among the rocks.

Lavanda #1

Coordinates: 41.250, 42.944

Check under the bridge at the southern edge of the province to find this.

Lavanda #2

Coordinates: 41.842, 42.592

In a valley adjacent to Sancte Lucas.

Lavanda #3

Coordinates: 41.961, 41.453

Check the ravine just west of Rondella to find this.

Lavanda #4

Coordinates: 42.099, 41.311

Head to the coastline just northwest of the previous vintage part. This sits by the water there.

Feno #1

Coordinates: 42.564, 42.445

There’s a small ravine between the highways that run near Albeto Pero. Check there to find this in the dirt.

Feno #2

Coordinates: 42.267, 43.195

Head for the woods north of Cima Leon. The part is in the middle of nowhere, but the coordinates above will guide you to the spot.

Plagia #1

Coordinates: 42.852, 43.693

Check the ruins in the northern pocket of the province to find this.

Plagia #2

Coordinates: 42.174, 43.983

There’s a tunnel southwest of Surpicco. Look by the tunnel entrance to spot this among some trees.


Coordinates: 41.763, 44.086

This one’s tough to grab thanks to the airstrikes, but you’ll find it in a ravine by the fortress itself, next to a ruined wall.

Sirocco Nord #1

Coordinates: 39.406, 42.158

There’s a small island in the water directly north of Porto Vena. Check it to find this in the sand.

Sirocco Nord #2

Coordinates: 39.240, 43.398

This is found inside a cave beneath Guardia Sirocco II. You can enter from the beach to the northeast.

Sirocco Sud #1

Coordinates: 38.520, 42.654

There’s a cave in the hills adjacent to Laguna Del Sol. Check inside to find the part.

Sirocco Sud #2

Coordinates: 38.040, 41.388

Head for the small islands at the western edge of the province. You’ll find a part in the dirt there.

Soros #1

Coordinates: 37.351, 40.078

There are some ruins in the small island between the two larger ones. Check by them to find this buried there.

Soros #2

Coordinates: 37.026, 39.500

Look underneath the airstrip near the centre of the western island to find this one.

Soros #3

Coordinates: 37.122, 38.981

There’s a large cave underneath Cava De Rebelles. The easiest way in is by the beach to the west. You’ll find a part buried inside whenever you enter.

Peacebringer parts begin on the next page!

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