Jury Duty creator gives disappointing update on season 2

Ronald Gladden and James Marsden in Jury Duty
(Image credit: Amazon Freevee)

All rise! For an update on the future of Jury Duty – but don't get your hopes up. The sitcom, which premiered in April 2022, has been a breakout hit for Freevee, Amazon's free, ad-supported streaming service, so talk of a second season seems inevitable. However, co-creator Gene Stupnitsky doesn't think another installment is likely. 

"Let's say that I think we have to put that to bed," Stupnitsky tells us while discussing his new movie No Hard Feelings. "We kind of caught lightning in a bottle and I don't know how we could ever top it, so I think we just have to do something else entirely. But as far as Jury Duty as an institution, I don't think we can."

The comedy series follows Ronald, a juror in a US court case, who is unaware that his fellow jurors are all actors and everything in the courtroom is staged. The supporting cast also includes James Marsden, who plays himself. 

As for No Hard Feelings, Stupnitsky's latest project, the movie stars Jennifer Lawrence as an Uber driver whose car is repossessed. Facing bankruptcy, she comes across a Craigslist posting from an older couple offering a car to anyone willing to date their socially anxious 19-year-old son (Andrew Barth Feldman) and "bring him out of his shell" before he goes to college. What could go wrong?

No Hard Feelings arrives in UK cinemas on June 21 and US theaters on June 23. For more laughs, check out our picks of the best Netflix comedies to add to your watchlist. 

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