Joss Whedon talks Wonder Woman

With the role of Wonder Woman still undecided, is Joss Whedon’s granny going to slip into the star-spangled spandex? Thankfully no, it’s just joshing Joss and his rather curious way of describing his next project…

“She is the grandma of everything I've been writing my whole life,” says Whedon, “so it makes sense that we should meet.” Okay, we can see that… “She doesn't understand this world, she's very strong but she's also very naive.” Still with you...

“She's not quite as little as the girls I'm used to writing, but she's definitely one of them in the sense of she'll undergo that kind of baptism of fire. She'll have to come into the world and learn to deal with it and with her own powers.”

So not really grandma then, eh Joss?

Whedon then went on to crush all fanboys of the raven-haired superheroine with a single mortifying sentence: “I've never loved the comics and I didn't watch the television series...” Before the lynch mob could be assembled, however, he added, “…but I loved the character very much. We'll meet a Wonder Woman who is similar to the one from the original comics and from the TV series to an extent. Neither of them are really a template.”

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