John Wick 4 star reveals his performance was inspired by Heath Ledger's Joker

Shamier Anderson in John Wick 4
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John Wick 4 star Shamier Anderson says his performance as Mr. Nobody was inspired by Heath Ledger's Joker. 

Mr. Nobody, also known as the Tracker, is a new addition to the Wick-verse, and is accompanied everywhere he goes by his trusty, four-legged companion, a Belgian Malinois dog. 

"I looked at the Joker and studied a lot of what Heath Ledger did, how exciting that character was; you just knew that guy had a robust past," Anderson told Vulture. "Like, 'Why did he get those scars?' And, for me, 'Why do I have this canine? Why do I have this knapsack? Why am I dressed like this?'

"This guy's transient," he continued. "He has pockets because he travels so much; he doesn't really change. That notebook you see in the film, I took that home and wrote a lot in there. That knapsack that he had on, I had a lot of personal items, like dog toys, dog treats, lighters engraved with my name. I just had to put my DNA on this. And I think it's translating as people are infatuated with the Tracker."

John Wick 4 had a franchise best opening weekend, though director Chad Stahelski has indicated that he and Keanu Reeves want to give the movies a "rest." That hasn't stopped a producer revealing her hopes for a John Wick 5, though

Plus, we also know that Reeves will return for an "extended cameo" in upcoming spin-off movie Ballerina, starring Ana de Armas. 

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