Joe Ahearne Tonight on the SFX Forum

If there’s any justice in the world, the BBC’s upcoming supernatural thriller is going to be huge. SFX has seen the first episode and we love it. It’s scary, it spooky and it's hel. Starring Martin Shaw as an exorcist who’s got the hordes of Hell worried, it’s both stylish and gritty enough to appeal to mainstream audiences, but also uncompromisingly proud of its telefantasy lineage to appeal to those of us who love our TV a bit strange. You can find out more about the series here and here .

It’s been created by Joe Ahearne (that’s him under the altar in the picture above), the man behind Channel 4’s cult vampire hit Ultraviolet, who also directed a hefty chunk of episodes in the Christopher Eccelston series of Doctor Who. And Joe’s going to be on-line in the SFX forum on Friday 24 October at 7pm for an hour to answer your questions about all aspects of his career (which includes episodes of Strange, Space Odyssey and This Life as well).

We’ve set up a special thread for his guest appearance which will go live at 7pm tonight, so you can start posting as soon as he arrives in virtual form. He'll endeavor to plough through as many questions as possible, but we’re expecting a huge response so there may not be time for him to tackle everything.

In the meantime, you can prep yourself for this major event on this thread .

Many thanks to Joe for agreeing to take part.

And don’t miss Apparitions, scheduled to start airing on BBC1 in November, at your peril.

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