Jeff Bridges is heading back to The Grid for Tron 3 as Disney reveals behind-the-scenes image

Tron: Legacy
(Image credit: Disney)

Flynn Lives! Walt Disney Studios has announced Jeff Bridges is heading back to The Grid for Tron: Ares – just days after a podcast was released with the actor making light of the "bizarre" de-aging CGI in 2010’s Tron: Legacy.

Disney released an image of Bridges reading his script (only the title page, so no spoilers here) and preparing for his surprise comeback as Flynn, a role he first portrayed in 1982's Tron.

As of yet, there’s no reveal on exactly how the character would return – after all, he seemingly got de-rezzed after merging with his digitally de-aged doppelganger Clu in the Tron sequel – but he will join the likes of Jared Leto, Greta Lee, Evan Peters, Jodie Turner-Smith, Hasan Minhaj, Cameron Monaghan, and Gillian Anderson in the cast for the Tron threequel.

Previously, Bridges told the Film Comment podcast (H/T The Playlist) that he "didn’t like the way [he] looked" in Tron: Legacy.

"I felt like I looked more like Bill Maher than myself. It was kind of bizarre," Bridges said, though added that Tron: Ares would have "even less A.I. stuff" and more practical sets.

Fellow cast member Cameron Monaghan echoed those thoughts in an interview with Collider.

"I think this one, in a very similar way, is going to really push forward what can be done, from a visual perspective. I would sometimes even come in on days I wasn’t working, because that set was really amazing. A lot of the practical sets were pretty phenomenal, and I would love to go look at those as well," Monaghan said.

Tron: Ares is set for release on October 10, 2025. For more, check out our movie release dates calendar and guide to this year’s upcoming movies.

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