Jason Statham in talks for Fast & Furious

Is this news imitating art? Rumours are coming Fast & Furious about the driving series of the same name, including word that two new movies will shoot next year and that Jason Statham will be in one of them!

Justin Lin is back to direct his fourth (and fifth?) movie in the franchise, having dropped out of both Highlander and Terminator films.

As much as he likes F&F , we can't help thinking they drove a particularly large truck full of money to Lin's house to get him to sign on again. Especially as word is that Fast Six and Fast Seven could shoot back-to-back. Now that's dedication.

Maybe TF is being too cynical here. Perhaps Lin really wants to work with Jason Statham, who has apparently been approached to appear in at least one of those Fast movies.

“[ Universal ] is entering into preliminary conversations with Jason Statham to explore the possibility of the action star joining one or both films,” reported Twitch Film.

On our calculator, The Fast & The Furious + Jason Statham = awesome. How many films this deep into a series can you say that about?