Jamie Foxx signs for Frank Darabont's next film

He may come complete with an Oscar these days, but Jamie Foxx can’t stay away from the action/thriller roles – he’s just joined the cast of Law Abiding Citizen, which will see him co-starring alongside Gerard Butler.

Frank Darabont is already in the director’s chair for the film, which will see Butler playing a successful assistant District Attorney who is the target of a vigilante effort by Foxx’s traumatised parent, according to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab) .

The trouble stems from the fact that Butler’s legal eagle was on the team that allowed a killer to strike a plea bargain and win his freedom. A killer who just happened to slaughter Foxx’s wife and daughter. So you can understand why he’s a little bit upset.

Butler Producing

This’ll mark the first time that Butler has produced a film – it’s been developed by his Evil Twin company.

Kurt Wimmer – who also worked on Street Kings (and, um, wrote and directed Ultraviolet) - is on scripting duty. It’s an odd choice for Darabont, though we’re sure he’ll bring something original to the tale.

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