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    Submitted by gritta

Jade Empire Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Schmaster`

    Lion Head Statue

    When you first go into Master Li's house, you'll notice the lion statue in the back. If you take the red blue and yelow figurines out of the chest you'll be able to place them in the order required to get 1 silver and a word of advice Or smash the statue... I know you can do this over and over (20x) to be exact, but if you leave the training area and head outside, there are 2 paths, one on the left and one on the right, or you can keep going straight. Take the one on the left and you'll see a tombstone type deal with a lion's head on it. You have to put 1 silver in it to get the lions head gem. Once you get this go back to the lion statue in Master Li's house. Put the gem in and assort the figurines again as it will instruct. This time you dont get money but you get a plus 2 body and plus 2 focus technique.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Garrick McClendon

    Slapping Around Gao's Men

    Following the bandit attack, if you go into the area south of the town square before you return to talk to Master Li, you can meet some of Gao's drunk men. The fight's for real, but if you win and go back you can ask Gao why he didn't have his men help, offering an additional dialog choice that wasn't there before.
    Also, if you beat up Gao's men in the period of time before Gao challenges you, and when you emerge from the spirit cave, your Intimidation option changes and becomes a guaranteed success.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Andrew Thiem


    To get the musket you must go to the Scholars Garden after accepting the Outlander quest. Then you must defeat the outlander in a debate and combat to receive his weapon. This could very well be one of the games best weapons

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jacob Olnick

    Free silver and experience

    In Master Li's house, there a statue of a lion. Next to it is a box with three figurines in it. Place these figurines on the statue according to the color on the statue to get one silver and one experience for each time you do this. This is slow, but can help you get a few silver pieces.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Klikmizzle

    Super Sword/Staff

    When you ask the weapon master at the first of the game you will get a choice between the sword or the staff. Pick the sword. Then go back to the weapon master and say u want to trade it in. do this 5 times and your sword and staffs power will combine

  • Xbox | Submitted by WraithKing

    Way Effects

    If you follow the Way of the Open Palm, when you stand still for 30 seconds, a halo appears around your head. If you follow the Way of the Closed Fist, when you stand still, tentacles sprout from your shadow. Also, if you are aligned that way enough, a reddish haze appears around your head.