0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 --- Game: Jade Empire --- --- Designer: BioWare --- --- Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG) --- --- Platform: Xbox --- 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 --- FAQ Type: Full Walkthrough --- --- FAQ Version: 0.4 --- --- By: gritta --- --- My E-mail: strategy_fan (at) hotmail.com --- 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 XMMMMMMMMRRK jR@HKX. iHMMMP j2ZRK2 MMMMPZ72; 5XXM M5 55ZRK ,ZL5:. HMM2MM Z .MM:29:9 M XM @M ML M M MM M MK M ,MM XM MZM;. M MM MX2M jMMPMMP MRH MM, M: iM M5 MN; 2 M:9M . XM MH M M iMML M 2M M j M M5: X, M KH M . MM M 5M M:XX M5i::. M 5MMMMRM M M 7P M jZ: MZZji .MM ;MMMX. KML , #Mi P; 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ========= Contents: ========= Section 1 - Version History Section 2 - Characters Section 3 - Walkthrough Section 4 - Legal Notes =========================== Section 1 - Version History =========================== Version 0.1 - 19,637 bytes --Chapter 1 of the walkthrough is complete. Version 0.2 - 22,232 bytes --Part of Chapter 2 of the walkthrough is complete. Version 0.3 - 26,383 bytes --More of chapter 2 of walkthrough done. Version 0.4 - 31,656 bytes --Characters section started. Version number corrected. Minor updates from email submissions. Chapter 2 walkthrough extended marginally. ====================== Section 2 - Characters ====================== WARNING: There are **BIG** spoilers throughout this section of the guide. There are two types of character in Jade Empire. The first type is YOUR character. You choose him or her at the very start of the game. The character creation choices are minimal. This is, in my opinion, a very good thing. As you play the game you will come to realise the style of play which you enjoy most. For me it was jumping around really fast slowly picking away against my enemies. For others it may be staying at a distance sending fireballs and ice shards at your enemy, and for some it may be charging up to your enemy and smashing him to pieces. You don't have to choose this at the start of the game; instead you choose or customise your style as you play through the game. Character creation choices have minimal effect on your game; it's the choices you make as your progress which count. At the start of the game the only things you have to choose which you can't change are your character's appearance and name. The second kind of character you will find in Jade Empire are followers. These are people that you meet on your quest and decide to help you. You only get to actually control these characters a few times throughout the game, the vast majority of the time they are AI controlled. The function of your followers is to aid you in battle. There are two ways in which they can do this. The first is by attacking your enemies, the second is by meditating and increasing your own power. To access your followers, go to the followers page in the pause menu. Do tell them whether or not to attack or support, press the X button whilst in the followers menu to change tactics. Here are the followers you will find in Jade Empire:- --------- Dawn Star --------- Attack: Long Sword Support: Recovers your Chi Extra: Dawn Star's attacks can damage spirits. Where: Chapter 1, Dawn Star joins you on your way to fight bandits attacking Two Rivers. Comments: Dawn Star is one of the most useful and powerful followers you will find in the early parts of the game. Her attack and defence are fairly weak, but her support ability is incredibly powerful. You will find that you can enable Chi powered attacks for whole battles at a time (black button). This GREATLY increases the amount of damage your attacks do, this is much, much more damage than your enemies would be taking if Dawn Star was set to attack tactics. Of course the second way you can use your Chi is to heal yourself. While your Chi isn't recovered nearly fast enough to heal all the time, you will find that you can evade attacks easily enough to heal faster than you take damage. If you are having difficulties with a battle, retreat and recover using your Chi, then continue. Conclusion: Dawn Star is very useful in support mode, but almost useless in attack mode. ------------ Sagacious Zu ------------ Attack: Staff Support: You deal extra damage with Weapon styles. Extra: Zu's attacks can damage spirits Where: Chapter 1, Zu joins you on your way to rescue the kidnapped Dawn Star. Comments: Zu is much more powerful in combat mode than Dawn Star. If you are having trouble with a particular fight you may want to use him for it. Since you get him after Dawn Star, she is who I will compare Zu to. The extra damage that you can deal by powering all your attacks with Chi is more than you will receive from having Zu as a melee fighter. His support style is moderately useful, but you will find this early on in the game that you will not have enough focus to constantly use your weapon. Later on you will have enough style points that you will not have problems with this, but by that time you will have better followers than Zu. Conclusion: Dawn Star in support mode is much more powerful than Sagacious Zu can ever be, however you may want to use Zu as a means to divert attention away from yourself in battle. ***Coming Soon*** ======================= Section 3 - Walkthrough ======================= This walkthrough aims to guide you through the game, in a 100% style. While I realise that I will obviously miss a lot of things while trying to make this walkthrough, I will try to be very thorough. This FAQ does container spoilers, so don't read any further than you need to or it may spoil your gaming experience. For the purposes of this guide I will be using the 'Fast' character, 'Furious Ming'. There will be slight differences between the characters, such as fighting styles that are received so the walkthrough may not be 100% accurate in these respects. Another thing to take into account with this walkthrough is that I have not split it up into individual quests and sub quests. I find that if I am following an FAQ split up like that it takes me longer, so in this FAQ I have not split up things into individual quests, its all one big walkthrough. Note: If at any time you are unsure of what to say in a conversation, say the kindest or most polite thing. Since this walkthrough is for the way of the open palm, those are the choices you should choose. ------------ Introduction ------------ The game starts out by introducing you to a fellow student at Master Li's school. This serves as a tutorial. A is basic attack, B is block, X is powerful attack (breaks guard) and Y is to enter focus mode. Focus mode slows down everything in the game except you but consumes Focus very fast so use it wisely. White button heals you using chi and black button increases the power of your standard attacks using chi. --------- Chapter 1 --------- Wherein a Master foretells of doom, A rival challenges for station, And the past haunts the present. Your training nears its completion in the idyllic setting of Two Rivers. Master Li promises that soon you will know more about how you came here and where your future will lead. All the while, strange tales begin to spread of ghosts that will not rest and shadowy assassins who heed no law. Complete the tutorial and exit the training ring. Travel right and speak to Smiling Mountain. Ask him if there are any students available to spar with. Tell him you will spar with a single student. For this battle you receive 10XP. Head to the other end of the courtyard. To the right of three large rocks there is a path leading upwards. Head up here and defeat the two students (44XP). Head back down and speak to Student Wen. Eventually you will have the conversation option to ask him for a sparring match. Do so and you will receive another 32XP. Head back to the training ring and ask Student Lin for a sparring match (40XP). Opposite to the entrance of the training ring walk up some steps and read the bookstand (10XP). Note: you will find these throughout the game. Turn right and follow the pathway. Walk down onto the ground and back up some more steps. You will find another bookstand (10XP) carry on walking and you will see Gao the Lesser walk out of Master Li's place. Walk past and read the scrollstand (10XP). Directly in front of you is a gateway. Go through this and head along the path. After about 20 seconds of running you will see another house. After you have crossed the bridge, go up the steps on the left for another scrollstand (10XP). Now go back to the village and talk to Master Li. [Cutscene]. Explore Master Li's house for a chest with three figurines in. Next to this is a large Lion statue. Examine it and approach the altar. Place the figurines on it in the order: Blue, Red, Yellow. This will award you with 1XP and 1 silver for each time you repeat it. Note: You can only do this 20 times. Thanks to Brent Wong and Kevin Herrington for this info. You will be able to return to Smiling Mountain later to buy the final technique that he sells. Head up to where you found the two students that fought you at the same time. Around this area you will find a tomb. Feed it the silver coin you just earned. You will receive a Lion mouth piece. Go back to Master Li's hut. Place the mouth piece in the statue. Now do the following: 1. Place the yellow and blue figurines on the altar. 2. Remove the blue figurine from the altar. 3. Place the red figurine on the altar 4. Remove the yellow figurine from the altar. 5. Place the blue figurine on the altar. For this you receive the technique 'Gaze of the Lion' which grants a permanent +2 Health and +2 Focus bonus to your character. Exit and head on back outside the village to the large house/outpost (Dawn Star's house). [Cutscene] Finish the conversation with Dawn Star and she will accompany you to Two Rivers. Exit through the town gate close by. Walk forward [Cutscene]. Kill the two bandits for 34 silver and 40XP. Head down the path to the south to find a bamboo cast on your left with 25 silver. Head back to where the bandits were, then head north. Take the first left you come to and carry on past the villager and take the left route for a bamboo cask with 5 silver. Head to Gujin's hut (you can find it on the map). North of here is a spirit font to restore your chi and health to max. Inside Gujin's hut is a Focus shrine to restore your focus to max. You will also find a scrollstand in here (10XP) that gives you the technique 'Legacy of Master Li'. This grants a +7 bonus to your Focus. This bonus is only awarded if you read all the other scrollstands in two rivers. Thanks to Paul Hamrick for this info. Talk to Gujin. Choose whether or not you want the staff or the sword. You will gain 50XP for talking to Gujin. Head down to the area where you saw the first two bandits. On your way there you will see another two. Dispense them for 31 silver and 40XP. Head further down for another 160XP and 70 Silver. Head south again for another 104 XP and 97 silver plus 120 XP from the bandits themselves. Open the villagers' chest in this area for 200 silver. Now go back up to the main area and head east. Remember if you need health/focus/chi to go north to the spirit font and focus shrine there. Somewhere along this path on the right is a cave. Head a short way down it to find 22 and 95 silver in two containers. Now head back to the main path and continue down the path. [Cutscene]. Take out the bandits here. More will come and you should gain a level and around 300 XP in total. By this time I had 360/1300 XP ad was at Level 2. Level up. After leaving your character screen you will gain another 156 XP. Speak to Ni Joh in this area for some open palm points. (Note: If you are not fast enough in killing the mercenaries earlier this is not possible. Thanks to Brent Wong for this info). Note: If you didn't like the weapon given to you by Gujin, here's your chance to exchange it. Go back to Gujin's hut if that is what you wish, or head back to the main village. Go back to where you found the villagers chest with 200 silver to fight three more thugs for silver and XP (thanks to Brent Wong for this info). Speak to Smiling Mountain and complete his training options. You will receive 90 XP as well as the Technique 'Lessons of the Forge' which grants a +2 bonus to Health. After this, speak to Kia Min and ask her how you can help her heal faster. Then go back to the beach and speak to Old Ming for 10 XP. There will also be 'the stranger' who owes a debt of approximately the amount of a 'small pig' to Gao the Greater. You can offer to give him the 20 silver he needs but you need to use persuasion on him to get him to accept the gift. You get open palm points for this. (thanks to Brent Wong for the info). Go back to the down square and speak to Fen Do. Buy the Red Silk Grass from him. This costs 50 silver, or 40 silver if you can persuade him to lower the price. Give the Red Silk Grass Poultice to Kia Min for 75 XP and some Open Palm points. Tell her not to worry about paying it back for more Open Palm points. Go back to smiling mountain and ask to try and break Kia Min's record. You will face four opponents plus Kia Min. If this is your first time through the game I suggest leaving Kia Min to last because she is much tougher than the other students. For beating Kia Min's record you shall receive 100 silver and the technique 'Alloyed Body'. This grants a very nice +5 Health and +5 Focus bonuses. Now go back to speak to Master Li. You will now have to fight Gao the Lesser. You are awarded 200 XP for this victory. Talk to Dawn Star afterwards to receive another 370 XP. Now go to speak to Smiling Mountain and buy two of the techniques he sells. You will not have enough silver for the third unless you repeated the lion statue process around 300 times! Go speak with Master Li. Note: Any time the game asks you if you are sure you are ready for something, it usually means that you will be advancing through the main story line and will not be able to return to the area again. In this case, that is not true but in many it is. When you are ready to continue, go speak to Master Li. This is the first conversation that really reveals anything about the main story line. Master Li will instruct you to enter a cave. Now that you are inside the cave, continue along until you get to the first gate. There are no treasures or enemies to fight along this stretch. Open the gate, and continue forward. Go to the pedestal ahead and examine it. [Cutscene]. You will now be in your amulet menu. Equip the flawed gem you just received. You gain 104 XP for receiving the amulet. Exit the menu and fight the three spirits that appear. East of the pedestal is a vase. Smash it open for 45 silver. South west of the pedestal is another vase with 55 silver in it. Continue forward until you find a gate. Hold your amulet up to it to open the gate. There are no enemies or treasures in this section. Carry on and open the next gate. Walk through the gate and advance a bit to start the next cutscene. Kill the Master (84XP) and two relentless spirits (24 XP each). [Cutscene] Speak to the 'Strange Spirit' that appears. Choose either fire or ice styles. You cannot have both but later in the game you will be able to buy other ice and fire styles instead. [Cutscene] At this point you should have enough XP for another level up, so advance your character. Note: I would advise against putting skill points into your magic style you just received, but it is up to you. After you've left the pause menu, turn around to find a scrollstand (20XP). At the north most point of the cave you will find another scrollstand (20XP) and to the right of it some bones which you can examine to find 100 silver. At the west of this room you will find a chest with 5 silver, an Inferior Intuition Gem and the technique 'Structured Body'. This technique grants +3 to health and +1 to intimidation. There is also a spirit font in this room if you need healing (remember, spirit fonts heal your Chi AND Health). Once this is done, walk into the portal. You will be transported back to Master Li's hut. Speak to him about the cave and your vision. During your conversation Jing Woo will interrupt and inform you that Dawn Star has been kidnapped by Gao. After finishing your conversation with Master Li, go and speak with Smiling Mountain again and buy the third technique that he sells with your newly acquired silver. Remember to have equipped both of your gems that you found in the spirit cave. Exit the village through the school gate and proceed to Two Rivers. [Cutscene] Note: Fen Do is now available as a merchant. You can buy other gems from him now, but I would STRONGLY advise that you do not. Continue up towards where Gujin's hut is. On your way there a villager will approach you. Speak to him. Apparently the chest full of silver in the southern area of the town was his Tell him that you are sorry but appear to have some some of it. The villager offers to let you keep half if you return the other. Accept his offer for 25 XP and some Open Palm points in exchange for 100 silver. Enter Gujin's and speak to him. He will tell you that he saw Gao leave through the northern gate. Note (minor spoiler): This is the last chance you will have to exchange your weapon for the other. It is not possible to return to Two Rivers after this point. Advance to the northern gate and you will be attacked by Gao's mercenaries. After the battle you will speak with the gate guard. You receive 182 Silver and 194 XP for the battle. After the battle use the spirit font to heal yourself and continue through the gate at the north of town. Carry on through the first section of the swamps until you find three thugs. Kill them for 32 XP each and some silver. Go through to ruins of a small hut south of you to find a spirit font and a bamboo casket with 5 silver. Continue along the path and Merchant Hing will speak to you. Console him and tell him that you will help to find his missing Fen. For this you will receive some open palm points. Carry on along the path for a cutscene. Tell him that if he sees a student name Dawn Star that he should help her to get out of here. After youre conversation you will gain 125XP and your second follower. Head north to the ruins there to find a scrollstand (25XP) east of here you will find some bones (32 silver). Carry on along the right hand path. You will find three more of Gao's mercenaries threatening to kill a woman. Dispose of them for 24 XP each and a total of 61 silver. Talk to the woman. Tell her that she is safe now and that Hing sent you. After an interesting dialog, you will be awarded with 250 silver, 125 XP and some open palm points. At the south of this small area you will find some bones with 95 silver. Kill the four bandits here for a total of 136 XP and 106 silver. After this you will speak to one of the mercenaries. Get some information out of him then let him go for 386 XP, 116 silver and some Open Palm points. Next to the shack you will find a bamboo casket with 5 silver and another TRAPPED bamboo casket with 33 silver. Note: in Jade Empire it is safe to open trapped caskets. Usually you will focus evade the trap. This uses some of your focus up but in the end you are not harmed. Search the ground north of the mosquito looking machine for 95 silver and the Monk's Gem of Fate. Head west of the encampment to find two more mercenaries for a total of 64 XP and 46 silver. Head back to the encampment and head north into the swamp cave. Head forward along the path until you see a cutscene. Head to the left to find an ogre (40 XP, 33 silver) Then head back to the right for aother two ogres (total 80 XP, 73 silver). Head to the north east for two chests (110 silver and a trapped 49 silver). Head along the only remaining path to find a Toad Demon (55XP). After the fight you will receive the Toad Demon style, which you can equip from the styles menu. Toad Demon is a transformation style which uses A LOT of chi to use. Head west to find bones (82 silver) then continue north to Gao. Fight Gao along for 192 silver and 200 XP. After talking to Dawn Star and Sagacious Zu you will receive the Gentle Persuasion gem and 250 silver. Explore the area with one of your companions. To the left of the focus shrine you will find a chest with the technique 'Viper's Wit' which grants +2 to focus and +1 to charm. To the right of it is another chest with 250 silver. There are no more goodies in this cave so head back to the entrance and leave back to the swamp. Speak to Dawn star for a moment until you see a short cutscene. Continue talking and ask Zu about how to fly the machine you saw earlier. You will then play a short minigame. The minigame is simple, just shoot your enemies and don't get shot. There are two powerups. Collect them if you like but you don't really need them. After this minigame you will receive the 'Radiant Aura' flyer upgrade and 443 XP. By this time you should have another level up. Go to the character screen and upgrade your character to Level 4. Head north from your position to find some bones (20 silver). Head back towards Two Rivers. You will be confronted by two mercenaries for a total of 40 XP and 36 silver. Head through where the gate used to be and look to your left for student remains (20 silver) and a focus shrine. To your right you will also find a spirit font. Continue along the path for a small cutscene, after which you will receive some open palm points. Take your first left for some more mercenaries for a total of 80 XP and 75 silver. Examine the area for some more student remains (78 silver). Head back to the main path and carry on ahead. You will face 4 mercanaries, then another two mercenaries plus a lieutenant. You receive 32 XP from the mercenaries, 500 XP from the lieutenant and a total of approximately 200 silver. --------- Chapter 2 --------- Wherein the fall of Dirge is detailed, The woman in black speaks of Death's Hand, And Gao the Greater learns the fate of his son. Two Rivers is in ruins, and Master Li has been taken captive. It is clear that this attack was carefully orchestrated and that shadowy forces have taken an interest in you and those around you. Leaving your home of twenty years, you set out after Death's Hand and his Lotus Assassins, intent on discovering the reasons behind this assault. After crashing your flyer, you must now find a new one, along with the means to fly it safely. After this conversation you receive 100 XP. Begin to walk along the path and you will end up running into three convict ghosts (64 XP each). After your vision you will receive another 192 XP. Note: Despite the large explorable area here I was unable to find any pickups. Carry on up the path and raid the headstone. Three more convict ghosts will attack you (again 64 XP each). Carry on until you find a spirit font. Directly south of it are some bones with 5 silver. Explore the area if you like, you will be coming back here. Carry on south along the bridge to meet three conscripts giving you 119 silver and 135 XP. Exit the bridge and turn right for a container with 28 silver. [Cutscene] Defeat Silk Fox for 200XP (yes, she runs). Carry on and take the right fork to Tien's Landing. We will return here later to go the other way. Sagacious Zu will meet you in Tien's Landing and give you the gem 'Good Fortune'. Look to your left to find a chest containing 100 silver. Walk into the alcove to the right of this chest to initiate a small dialogue. Head east towards the town. On your way you will see a woman and a girl leaving the town. You can't stop them but you receive a quest about the Dam. Carry on along the path towards the large building and archways. Protect the woman being confronted by the three sailors and kill them (203 silver, 216 XP). After the fight you will have a long dialogue between yourself, your companions and this woman. After Zu leaves, Hui will teach you the spirit thief style. Read the bookstand to the right of the steps leading into the building for 64 XP. Head to the back of the building for a Bamboo Cask with 4 silver. Then head west for a trapped bamboo cask with 67 silver and another with a 'Bar of nickeled iron'. Head back to the cask which had 4 silver and go east to find a chest with a Monk's Gem of Fate. Head back west and then south to see a crying woman. Speak to her to receive a sub quest. Enter the teahouse. The sailors you just beat will reappear. Kill them again to receive 533 silver and 576 XP. Question Hui as much as you can. At this point you should have reached level 5. Head upstairs and to the south east most point of the balcony. A fellow named Dong Ping will speak to you. Tell him you will speak to Zhong. Choose the topmost option during the dialog until you have the chance for Intuition. Choose this option. You will receive 300 silver, 350 XP and Open Palm points for your troubles. Head north a bit and talk to the guy named Yaoru, note: I have not yet completed this quest, but it is a quest. Head to the south west corner of the balcony and talk to Chain Jin. Accept his offer and give him 300 silver. Taste the roasted bear heart, then the haunch of deer, then the porcupine bladder. After this he will propose a second offer. Again give him 300 silver. Eat the final dish he gives you to receive your money back (net change of 0), receive 500 XP and The Bronze Tongue gem (+4 to Charm, Intimidation and Intuition. Go downstairs and talk to Old Mother Kwan near the entrance. Learn that some guy named Three Sheets Dutong stole Kwan's teahouse. Go speak to him. He wont tell you anything. Now go speak to Steeper Yanru the bartender. Get him to tell you about the fake writ and all the wine Dutong drinks. Now get him to give Dutong TWO Imperial Seasoned Spirits and ONE peasants wine. Now go speak to Dutong and get him to tell you that he stole the teahouse. If he wont tell you, equip The Bronze Tongue you received earlier. Dutong will take his guard and leave. For this you get 20 XP. Speak to Old Mother Kwan again and tell her 'It was nothing. I was glad to help.' You will receive 1000 XP and Open Palm points. Head to the far east of Tien's landing as if you were going to beggars pier. Before you get there you will see a cutscene of some thugs beating up a man. A battle starts. Kill the thugs and talk to Baker Bei. Tell him 'Maybe I could talk to Ai Ling for you' when you get the chance. For this you receive 133 silver and 512 XP. Now go to the boathouse and enter. You will be stopped at the door, but just tell the guard that you are going to talk to Ai Ling. In the first area inside there is a bookstand (94 XP). Carry on inside and Ai Ling will approach you. Choose the topmost conversation option for the whole conversation. Baker Bay and Lan will come here automatically. Choose the topmost option again for the whole conversation. For this you will receive 1120 XP and some Open Palm points. In the northeast of this room smash the vase for a key. Go south through the gates and into the office. Check the scrollstand (106 XP), cabinet (750 silver) and vase (5 silver & flawed monk gem). Go back to the south west part of the main room to find a chest with 41 silver and a flawed warrior gem. Now go speak to Ai Ling and tell her she could still find a husband. Say that maybe you could help her find a husband. Ask her about the eligible bachelors in town then leave the boathouse. Now you have a choice to make. You can either pair up Ai Ling with a shy craftsman (Chumin), or a self-centred sailor (Yaoru). I prefer the craftsman because he seems like a nicer guy! The only difference is that you will receive 20 more XP if you pair her up with Yaoru. Note: After the sub-quest is complete you are automatically transported out of the boathouse. This means that it is not possible to see whether or not you get Open Palm or Closed Fist points for this quest. While it is possible that you get closed fist points for pairing her up with Yaoru, I am pretty sure both give you open palm points. For Chumin the craftsman...From the teahouse, head directly south and slightly east. Around this area by the westernmost shack you will find him. Use intuition to get him to meet Ai Ling. During the conversation between the two, use Charm to get them to like each other. You will receive 500 silver, 1000 XP and some open palm points. For Yaoru the sailor...Find him in the teahouse. Again use charm to get them to meet the use Intimidation to get them to like each other. You will receive 500 silver, 1020 XP and some open palm points. For Big Tian...Find him right next to the boathouse on the east side. Ask Tian about himself and he will tell you that he came to Tien's Landing looking for a wife. Then you can point out Ai Ling to him and get them to meet. When the option comes up, use Intimidation to get them to seal the deal. For your troubles you will receive 500 silver, 1060 XP and some open palm points. Thanks to Arun Nanda and Cody Burton for this info. Note: There are apparently others that Ai Ling will accept. If you know these, please send me an email (address at bottom of FAQ). North of the teahouse and slightly east you will find a chest with 32 silver. ***Coming Soon*** ======================= Section 4 - Legal Notes ======================= The most up-to-date version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com) (c) This document is copyright 2005 gritta -- strategy_fan (at) hotmail.com If you wish to post this FAQ on your website, please email a request to me. I will never refuse permission unless you have stolen one of my FAQs in the past. I will only publish updates to GameFAQs. You may not seek to gain profit by redistributing this FAQ either on the internet, on paper or in any other form. This FAQ was written entirely by gritta unless otherwise noted. Sites with permission to post this FAQ: GameFAQs, Neoseeker, Cheathappens, Cheatplanet.</p>