iTrials brings motorbikes and ragdolls to the iPhone

Sophisticated motorcycle physics and epic rag-doll wipeouts are now available on the iPhone, according to the devloper ofthe newly released iTrials. While not affiliated with console download Trials HD, the game appears to be basically that, only iPhone'd.

With "true physics" and intuitive touch-screen controls over27 levels of motorcycle racing events, it might actually be a good time. Players can choose from one of three difficulty settings and work their way up to the top score of online leaderboards.

iTrials focuses on mission-based events which require players to perform jumps and stunts to complete. But we all know that the real enjoyment will probably come from watching pathetic ragdolls bounce around like pachinko balls.

iTrials has integration with Facebook and Twitter, allowing gamers to share their in-game accomplishments with the world. There's also online connectivity, allowing the game to tap into your current location and show local high scores, as well as a friends list so you can see who's playing at the same time.

iPhone games are hit and miss, but for 99 cents, it might be worth a go - the user reviews thus far are positive. Or you couldjust stay athome and play the real deal, Trials HD.

Nov 01, 2010