It looks like Sea of Thieves is getting cannon flares

Sea of Thieves
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There's a good chance Sea of Thieves is about to get cannon flares you can use to light up the night sky.

Rare hasn't said anything about this, but an eagle-eyed scallywag that goes by the name of Taaamas on Twitter spotted a curious addition to Shelly's shop. Among the usual ship cosmetics like sails, hull designs, wheels, capstans, and figureheads is a new category called Cannon Flares. It's completely empty right now, so it's likely that someone at Rare jumped the gun and opened up shop prematurely.

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Just to be sure, I checked Shelly's shop myself, and sure enough, the Cannon Flares category was still there. Though, it likely won't last much longer, as it's already come to the attention of at least one Rare employee at the time of this writing on Wednesday night. Rare coder James Thomas quote-tweeted the above and seemingly confirmed that the new feature had slipped through the cracks by mistake (adding that it wasn't his fault this time).

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Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate recently teased big plans for Sea of Thieves in 2021, saying we can expect the game to have its "biggest year yet." We don't have any details just yet about what's coming, but it would make sense to add something like Cannon Flares in time for New Year's Eve. Just don't fixate on the flares for too long, as you'll soon be met with the harsh reminder that cannons don't just shoot flares.

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