Isla Fisher is a Shopaholic

According to the news bods over at, Isla Fisher – last seen most notably in Wedding Crashers – has just landed the lead role in the adaptation of Sophie Kinsella’s novel Confessions Of A Shopaholic.

In the oddly renamed The Secret Dream World Of A Shopaholic (they made the title longer? Really?), she’ll star as Rebecca Bloomwood, a college graduate making a solid living as a financial journalist in Noo Yoik. There’s just one problem – she’s really a robot alien ghost!

Okay, perhaps not. She’s… well… work it out for yourself. But the bills are piling up and she needs to find some creative ways to gather the money to make herself solvent. Oh, and in true chick lit stylee, she’s also falling in love with the moneyed entrepreneur she’s supposed to be chronicling for work.

Tracey Jackson has penned the script and PJ Hogan is set to direct the movie in November in the Big Apple.

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