Is that Louise Belcher running a market stall in Anthem?

Wandering around the market stalls of Anthem's Fort Tarsis the last voice you expect to hear echoing around the merchandise is that of feminist icon Louise Belcher. But there she is, disguised as trader Sayrna, ready to bring back the memories of all your favorite Bob's Burger moments.

Of course that distinctive voice belongs to Kristen Schaal, also famous for appearing in 30 Rock, Flight of the Conchords and The Last Man on Earth, as well as voicing characters in Toy Story 3 and Bojack Horseman. To us she'll always be Louise Belcher though, and is it just us... or does her voice seem an odd fit for Sayrna? At least it makes her anecdotes about her Uncle Vonnie more entertaining. 

Schaal isn't the only comedy celebrity to sneak into the cast list. Jack McBrayer, best known as Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock, is also in there as Amal, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Boyle - Joe Lo Truglio - plays Neeson. Starting to see a connection? They've both also appeared on Bob's Burgers, so it's fair to say someone on the team at Bioware is a fan of the show. Doctor Who fans will also be pleased to see UK comedian and actress Catherine Tate has a role too.

Of course Bioware has a track record when it comes to hiring A-list stars for their games. Mass Effect: Andromeda had Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer and The Big Sick's Kumail Nanjiani.

Have you spotted any celebrity cameos in Anthem, Bob's Burgers related or otherwise? Let us know on Twitter. 

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Rachel Weber
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