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iPhone game of the day: Aqua Moto Racing

Game: Aqua Moto Racing
Price: £1.19/$1.99
Size: 18.2MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store

While this isn't quite up to the standard of Nintendo's magnificent Wave Race 64 (what is?), there's a lot to be said for Aqua Moto Racing. For starters, the tilt control feels more realistic than any track-based racer, as the mid-air tilt controlis much closer to water's floaty characteristics than a hard tarmac surface. Secondly, the graphics are really rather pretty, with good water effects and ahi-res background that has a slight fish-eye distortion as you turn.

There are tricks to master by flicking upwards with your iPhone and then holding an on-screen button to trigger the trick you want. While it's a basic system, the game does allow you to get out of any trick early if you see you haven't got enough air. There are plenty of increasingly tricky championships to unlock, boost to collect and trigger and some jet ski stat tinkering too. It's not the most amazing game you'll ever play, but you'll definitely have more than its asking price in fun.

Above: This screenshot is obviously scaled up - on an iPhone it looks super-sharp. Hit the ramp!

Above: The trick system in full effect. Once the name comes up, let go to make sure you sit back down in time

13 Jul, 2010

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