This actor's tweet has everyone convinced that Spider-Man will be in Invincible

Invincible season 2
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Invincible fans will know all about Mark Grayson’s unlikely crossover with Spider-Man in the pages of Marvel’s comics – but will it happen again on the Prime Video series?

Our Spidey-Sense – and everyone else’s on the internet, frankly – started tingling after spotting a tweet from Josh Keaton cryptically saying he’s "playing a character in one of the episodes" in Invincible season 2, which returns this March.

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Except there could be more to it: Keaton is a prolific voice actor for, you guessed it, Spider-Man

Most notably, Keaton has appeared in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon series as well as roles in a handful of Spider-Man video games as everything from Peter Parker to Electro in 2018’s Spider-Man. He also had a brief cameo appearance in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – along with practically every other Spider-Man in existence.

So, what could we expect if Spider-Man does show up in Invincible? If it’s sticking close to the events of Marvel Team-Up #14, Mark will help Spidey track down Doc Ock, as well as meet the Avengers. 

Curiously, those events canonically take place a few issues after where the first part of Invincible season 2 left off. Right now, we’re up to Invincible #28, more or less. Issue #33 sees an event – which we won’t spoil here – that sends Mark crashing into the Marvel universe.

To add fuel to the flames, showrunner Simon Racioppa previously told The Hollywood Handle that he’d love to have comic book crossovers in the Prime Video adaptation

"I'd love to have crossovers with all, with DC, with Marvel, with all these other characters. I mean... in our show you gotta have to wait and see if that's a thing that can happen or not," Racioppa said. "I'd love that to happen, you know, is very tricky nowadays..."

Honestly, we’re 50/50 on this. Spider-Man showing up in Invincible is such a big deal that you’d imagine Amazon would be swinging from the rooftops and shouting about any possible crossover. And we wouldn’t even want to navigate the potential legal minefield of rights and usage when it comes to Spidey these days. Can he show up in animated form on Prime Video? That’s (probably) one for the lawyers to discuss.

Invincible season 2 returns on Prime Video on March 14.

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