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InFamous 2 trophy guide

Am I the Daddy?

Complete Nix’s New Family

“Nix’s New Family” is the evil alternative to “Exposing Bertrand.” These are story related missions, and completing one will permanently lock out the other.


Complete Exposing Bertrand

See above. Completing this mission will permanently lock out “Nix’s New Family.”

The Cleaner

Complete the assassination side missions

There are three missions you need to complete in sequence to earn this trophy. The first is “Taking Out the Trash” and is the first evil side mission you can accept. The second is “The Hunt” which appears just north of the cathedral. The final mission is “Assassin’s Greed,” and can be found in the western portion of flood town. These missions will appear as red exclams on your map, but will disappear if you decide to accept the nearby good karma side quests. As a result, you will have to earn this trophy and the Frozen Asset trophy on separate playthroughs.

Frozen Asset

Complete the ice conduit side mission

There are four missions you need to complete in sequence to earn this trophy. The first is “Unlikely Allies,” which can be found on the south side of flood town. The second is “Stay Frosty,” which can be found on the west side of flood town. The third is “The Big Chill,” which can be found near the freighter at the south end of Gas Works. Finally, the fourth is “Mercy Kill,” located on the northern coast of Gas Works. These are all good karma side missions, so they will appear as blue exclams on your map. You cannot get this trophy and The Cleaner trophy on the same playthrough.

Dazed and Defused

Take down the Blast Shard Bomber

To get things started, go after the “Gauntlet” side mission found in the Gas Works section (near the bridge). Completing the mission will nab you the trophy.

Back to the Bayou

Return to the swamp blockade

You’ll need at least the improved static thrusters to pull this one off, but it’s a breeze if you also have the lightning tether and/or the ice launch. Head to the building on the docks at the northwestern section of the first island. From there, make your way all the way back to where the game began (northwest corner of the map) via the towers and docks.


Climb to the top of the three tallest buildings in New Marais

Above: Ice Tower

Above: Cathedral

Above: Clock Tower

The first two buildings can be accessed immediately. They are the clock tower and the cathedral, both of which can be found on the first island. The third building is the ice tower, located at the center of the eastern part of the second island. Make sure to stand at the highest point on each building whether it be an antenna, spike, or belfry.

Extreme Makeover

Destroy 30 verandas or other large objects

Besides the verandas, you can also take out the silos found on the eastern part of the second island. Use your rockets or grenades to bring them down.

Watch That First Step

Defeat an enemy by destroying the object they stand on

Above: Apparently lowering property value is Karma neutral

You can destroy verandas (balconies), guard towers, and ice platforms, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so throughout the game.

Finish What You Started

Perform 100 finishers or ultra melee combos

Use square to melee and fill your combo meter until triangle appears above it. Then press triangle to initiate a finisher. You likely do this more than 100 times naturally.