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InFamous 2 trophy guide

Well inFormed

Collect all the Dead Drops

Hey, we made another map! This time it's acomplete map of the Dead Drop locations!

These carrier pigeons are always airborne, but they remain confined inside a small, pre-established perimeter. You can use your radar pulse to locate them on your minimap if you’re close enough, then it’s just a matter of looking up (or down if you’re up high enough).

Arch Villain

Earn full negative Karma

What’s great about pursuing a full negative karma bar is that you never need to be careful when using your powers. Is that car you set on fire a little too close to that school bus full of orphan scholarship candidates? Not your problem! Also, you can simply thunder drop onto groups of civilians or use your ionic abilities in crowded areas whenever you’re in need of some additional evilness.


Earn full positive Karma

Not too difficult even on a casual playthrough. Just avoid killing civilians, chase after the blue karma opportunities on your mini-map, and complete a handful of the good karma side missions and you’ll be an electrified angel in by game’s end.

Behind the Curtain

Collect 50% of the available Dead Drops

Did we mentionwe made a map? There are 30 dead drops total, so this trophy will pop when you collect 15.

Closed Casket Affair (hidden)

Give Bertrand what he wants

This is a story-related trophy that unlocks when you finally defeat Bertrand once and for all.

A Streetcar Named %26ldquo;Boom!%26rdquo;

Complete BOOM!

“BOOM!” is the evil alternative to “Leading the Charge.” These are story related missions available soon after you meet Nix. Completing one locks out the other permanently. These missions also provide a significant boost to your karma meter.

Quid Pro Quo

Complete Leading the Charge

See above. Completing this story mission locks out “BOOM!”

Playing Both Sides

Complete Fooling the Rebels

“Fooling the Rebels” is the evil alternative to “Hearts and Minds Campaign.” These are story related missions, and completing one will permanently lock out the other.

Ambulance Chaser

Complete Hearts and Minds Campaign

See above. Completing this mission locks out “Fooling the Rebels.”

Status Kuo (hidden)

Choose Kuo in Storming the Fort

Above: Or press X to choose Pikachu

This is the point in the campaign where you need to make a big decision. Who you choose here determines what powers you get, and it will also change your Karma if you pick the character whose affinity is the opposite of your own. For instance, if you have good Karma but you choose Nix, you will instantly change to “Thug.”

Get Nix%26rsquo;ed (hidden)

Choose Nix in Storming the Fort

Choose Nix if you favor the dark side (and the color red).