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InFamous 2 trophy guide

Knockout in the Blackout

Defeat 50 enemies in powered-down areas while no missions are active

It’s easiest to pull this off just before the “Powering up Ascension Parish” mission, since the enemies are relatively tame at this point in the game. Enter the section of the map that is still blacked out (before you accept the mission) and go nuts. There are a couple of easy ways to maintain your charge without relying electricity from the grid. If you have the Ultra Drain power, you can fully restore Cole’s charge by filling up your combo meter and finishing an enemy with triangle. And of course, there’s always bio-leeching.

Go Long!

Hurl 50 objects using the Kinetic Pulse ability

Throwing fresh cars is a great way to deal a lot of damage, as they explode on impact. There are also the side missions such as “New Marais Tea Party” that involve you throwing a ship’s cargo into the water. These missions alone will get you very close to the trophy.

Cole%26rsquo; Blooded

Defeat 100 civilians

Above: GTA: New Marais

A piece of cake if you’re on a bad karma playthrough. If not, just dedicate ten minutes to massacring the innocent by throwing cars and using ionic charges, then reload your last save.

Army of Me

Defeat 300 enemies

If you can beat the game without defeating 300 enemies, that would be quite a feat in itself.

Hero to the People

Stop 80 crimes in progress

These show up on your minimap as if you’re on that path anyway, you should earn this trophy naturally as the game progresses.

Nothing Can Bring Me Down

Stay off the ground for 130 meters

With the advanced thrusters, you can earn this trophy by jumping from any one of the three tallest and most easily identifiable structures (clock tower, ice tower, cathedral) in New Marais. Simply leap, hold R1, and aim for an open stretch below.

Return to Sender

Send a helicopter’s rockets back at it using any Blast ability

Early on in the game you’ll take on several helicopters during the main story missions. Hop up onto a roof, wait for the helicopter to fire its missiles, then use your Alpha Blast ability (L1+X).

Vehicular Manslaughter

Defeat 25 enemies by throwing cars at them

Throwing cars is awesome. Hold R2 with the Kinetic Pulse ability equipped to pick up a car, then press R1 to launch it at whatever you want to die.

Take Them for a Spin

Hit at least six cars in a single Ionic Vortex

Ionic Vortex is your first Ionic Power, and this trophy is easiest to earn on the first island. There are several areas where at least six cars are parked in a row. Alternatively you can create a traffic jam by blocking a section of road with debris (or bodies).

Shock and Awe

Thunder Drop into a group of five or more enemies

This is very easy to pull off during the early “Masquerade” side mission where you have to investigate the suspicious street performers. You’ll find loads of enemies dressed up like statues all clustered in a plaza. There are plenty of other opportunities to earn this as well, but you can always create a UGC mission if you’re desperate.

Thunder Flop

Thunder Drop from the highest place in New Marais

The highest point in New Marais just happens to the be the tip of the antenna at the top of the Ice Tower on the second island. The lightning tether makes climbing this beast a lot easier, but it is possible to do without that power. Make sure your thunder drop lands at street level or the trophy won’t pop.