Indiana Jones IV will be "different"

As we continue to wait and see exactly when George Lucas is going to find a draft of the next Indiana Jones script he actually likes, he’s been talking about his plans for the film.

Having already chewed through versions by such notable names as Frank Darabont, M Night Shyamalan and Tom Stoppard, the producer has been chatting to MTV about the direction he wants to take this final franchise entry. And apparently, that direction does not include bombastic, Mission: Impossible-style action.

"I think Tom Cruise proved that people are getting bored with that kind of stuff," Lucas blabbed at a Time Magazine awards dinner. "What they want to see is something different. And Indiana Jones, if nothing else, is always different."

So, come on then, Big George… How different exactly? And will we get to see it any time soon? "We're working on it, we're working on it," he says. "We've been working on it for ten years. I think it'll be a great film, but it's completely different. It's still got a lot of action, and it's still very funny. I think it works like crazy."

He thinks it works, folks. Which is surely a good sign! Except that this is still the person who felt that Jar Jar “worked” for everyone. But with Steven Spielberg in charge of the finished film, we’re not going to worry that there’ll be too many wrong footsteps. We’re now more worried that there won’t be any footsteps at all, since the cast are all getting too old to walk unaided. Indiana Jones And The Stair Lift Of God, then.

Source: ( MTV ) ( Time Magazine )