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Impossible Escape is the latest time limited mode in Fortnite

Fortnite Island
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Impossible Escape is the new limited time mode which is live now in Fortnite

If you’ve been looking for something a little different to mix up your games of Fortnite, then this new co-operative escape mode will be right up your alley. In the Fortnite Impossible Escape LTM, you and 15 other players find yourselves stranded on the island after the end of your last battle royale match and you’re left with the seemingly impossible task of escaping the island.

The premise to Impossible Escape is simple. There are three helicopters on the island that you have to repair and use to escape. You won’t be able to escape alone though, so you’ll have to find other players and squad up with them. All players spawn alone, so you’ll need to find some people to group up with first. Then you’ll need to explore the island to find the four missing components required to fix up your chopper. It won’t be a walk in the park though, as there are plenty of threats out there.

If you’re playing the PvE mode, then you’ll need to worry about the array of beasts that occupy the island including wolves and raptors, with new threats spawning in each time the sun goes down. If you’re brave enough to tackle the PvP mode, then you’ll also have to contend with rival squads who will try to gun you down and steal your escape route. The PvP mode also only has one chopper, so only one team can make it out alive. Once it's fixed, your pilot must take off and fly you to the escape point before it runs out of fuel.

And what do you get for your troubles? Well anyone who escapes the island in the PvE mode will unlock the Impossible Odds Loading Screen, while players who manage to beat the PvP mode will also unlock the Escapist Umbrella.

Impossible Escape will be live from now until May 25 at 9 AM ET, as this is a time-limited mode so it won’t be here forever. So all aboard the Battle Bus, there’s loot to be unlocked. You can read more about Impossible Escape on the Epic Games website (opens in new tab).

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