I'm more excited for this Razer PS5 controller than the DualSense Edge after CES 2023

White and black Razer Wolverine V2 Pro controller on blue background
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I wish I was more excited by the DualSense Edge. I've been waiting years for Sony to release a homemade pro controller to rival the likes of Microsoft's Xbox Elite gamepads, or even the officially licensed PlayStation controllers from Nacon, Razer, and Thrustmaster. Although I'm happy I didn't hold my breath (the first official Xbox Pro Controller released back in 2015), the DualSense Edge is finally hitting the shelves at the end of January.

At last, PlayStation fans will have first party functionality that's on par with the best PC controllers. They'll have a chance to customise their play through extra buttons, controller profiles, swappable thumbsticks, trigger stops, and cleverly integrated software. What's more, they can finally do that with something that's made by Sony itself, instead of a third-party that might not capture the DualSense's bespoke PS5 features.

But, being honest, I'm not nearly as excited for the DualSense Edge as I thought I'd be, and it's because by this point, Sony's a little late to the party. If you strip things back to the essentials, i.e. the things that truly equate to value for money in a pro controller, things don't seem all that compelling.

The DualSense Edge costs $210 / £210 and gives you just two additional buttons over the base controller. Besides that, the best mechanical benefit is the fact that should you encounter stick drift, a problem that's plagued the DualSense since the launch of the PS5, you can pay Sony even more money for new stick modules you can slot into the pad.

DualSense Edge back buttons

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The problem is, there's already a pantheon of PS4 and PS5 controllers that offer a higher number of buttons, the same adjustability, and arguably more reliable build quality for less money. Even if some of these gamepads are only useable for PS4 games, the third-party companies that make them have been honing their controller-making craft for just shy of a decade now. With PlayStation now entering the fray with something that's priced higher than a lot of the competition for no obvious or real reason, the new DualSense doesn't seem like something that's truly viable to me.

Enter the officially licensed Razer Wolverine V2 Pro for PS5. 

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro on a blue background with gamesradar crosses

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Right away, I'm sure there are some Xbox converts or a few controller enthusiasts that can recognise the Razer Wolverine Pro from its Xbox lineage. This version, however, has been specifically redesigned and is officially licensed, for the PS5. 

Along with offset, or asymmetrical, sticks, it features a whopping six extra remappable buttons to the DualSense Edge's two, as well as an 8-way Microswitch D-pad, and the pedigree of Razer - the first company to make an official pro controller for PlayStation. The V2 and V2 Chroma are two of the best Razer controllers on the market, and this PS5 version has even more utility since it can be used wirelessly with a PC as well. All this, and the V2 Pro will set you back $250 / £250.

Yes, it is the more expensive option, but unlike with the DualSense Edge, I can see why. Despite its lofty price, Sony's new controller has fewer buttons than the first batch of PS4 pro controllers. So for me, the thought of paying around 50 bucks/pounds more than that for a controller that has four more buttons seems fairly reasonable.

More importantly, I've never heard of Razer's controllers degrading to a serious extent over time. Never have I heard of stick drift becoming an issue for Razer's products, even without Hall Sensor sticks that prevent it entirely. Meanwhile, Sony adds swappable modules to its online store, which seems more like a preventative measure of guilt, not a vote of confidence that the DualSense Edge is turning a new leaf or offering something new.

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro rear showing the 6 additional buttons

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The Wolverine V2 Pro actually launched back in December, and immediately flew off the shelves. However, with Razer doubling down on its potential at CES 2023, and first-party alternatives like the DualSense Edge and the new Project Leonardo overshadowing it, it's likely that a lot of people are now seeing the PS5 Wolverine for the first time.

In the end, only you will know what controller will be of better value to you. If you can't do without the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the DualSense Edge will be a nice evolution for you. In my opinion, six additional buttons, Razer's reputable build quality, and years of experience definitely mean the Wolverine V2 Pro is the more tempting option.

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