Hulk 2 gets a helmer

Okay, follow this one… You’re a pretty successful Hollywood director. You’ve been concentrating on action flicks of late and you want something that will propel you into household name territory.

Put like that, it becomes a little more clear why Louis Leterrier has grabbed hold of The Incredible Hulk with both hands.

The man behind the Transporter movies met Marvel honcho Avi Arad a couple of years back and has been pestering him to unleash him on a comic book adaptation – and is there really more of a challenge than resurrecting Bruce Banner’s alter-ego?

Parisian Leterrier mapped out two action sequences before he even got the gig and has a new take on the Hulk that has got Arad and his co-producers Kevin Feige and Gale Ann Hurd whooping with joy.

Having scribbled the hugely successful X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand, Marvel have roped in Zak Penn to tap out the script.

Leterrier meanwhile must be hoping that his career follows that of previous Hulk helmer Ang Lee, who went straight on to crank out Oscar hoover Brokeback Mountain.