HP laptop sale - save up to $500 in these back to school deals

HP laptop sale - save up to $500 in these back to school deals
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An HP laptop sale with back to school deals? I know, I know. It feels like school only just ended, but retailers are at it again with a reminder that summer holidays are fleeting and we must all soon return to the endless grind (happy Tuesday).

The best offers in this HP laptop sale can save you anywhere up to $500. Namely, you can get the HP 15t (fitted with a very serviceable 10th-gen i5 processor) for $549.99 (opens in new tab) instead of $780. This won't be a gaming machine, but it'll do general tasks, movie-watching, and streaming just fine.

Alternatively, a slightly larger HP 340S G7 Notebook starts at $573 (opens in new tab). When the original MSRP for the deal in question was $1,146, that's not bad going at all. Sure, that base model isn't going to run games thanks to a 10th-gen i3 processor and Intel UHD graphics, but it's more than enough for any work you might need to do.

That isn't where the HP laptop sale ends, either. You can get an HP 17Z-CA200 with 2TB hard drive storage for a reduced $451.75 (opens in new tab), an HP Pavilion gaming desktop starting at $699.99 (opens in new tab) (instead of $800), and an HP Envy x360 for just $787.64 (opens in new tab), a saving of over $150.

You can see the full sale lineup here (opens in new tab).

HP sale

$780 (opens in new tab)

HP 15t | $780 $549.99 on HP.com (opens in new tab)
For a respectable laptop to use for work or school, this 15t is a good choice. This one's fitted with a 10th-gen i5 processor, but it can be swapped out on the website for something faster if you want to get a bit more performance from your machine.

HP Pavilion | $780 (opens in new tab)

HP Pavilion | $780 $699.99 on HP.com (opens in new tab)
Want something a little more powerful? This HP Pavilion gaming rig starts at $700, and you can customize its specs for a stronger machine that'll tear through games and work alike. The base model linked here comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor and a GTX 1650 graphics card.

If you'd prefer a device specifically for games, don't forget to check out the best gaming laptops (opens in new tab) and the best gaming PC (opens in new tab). And if you want something to put your laptop in while you travel? Take a look at the best laptop backpacks (opens in new tab).

These aren't the only offers going on right now - there are also some Dell XPS deals (opens in new tab) out there if you act fast.

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