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Watch Canelo vs Saunders live stream for free: online boxing from any country

Canelo vs Saunders live stream
(Image credit: DAZN)

There's still time to watch a Canelo vs Saunders live stream tonight and give your faith in the boxing world a much-needed boost. In a time filled with YouTuber fights and oddly matched exhibition events, this is a genuinely exciting unification bout between two of the world's greatest fighters. 

After a number of delays due to covid, pay cuts, a legality issue amounting to at least $280 million, and simply fighters not being ready, Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders will finally go head to head.

And with this set to be the biggest crowd for a US sporting event since the pandemic shut the country down, a Canelo vs Saunders live stream is going to be one of the biggest boxing events we've seen for a long time.

Where to watch Canelo vs Saunders online

DAZN (opens in new tab): US ($19.99), UK (£1.99), AU/NZ ($2.99), and rest of the world 

DAZN (opens in new tab): Canada (FREE TRIAL) 

Both fighters are at the top of their game, there is no clear winner here. Alvarez is currently the world's best pound-for-pound active boxer, he's won world championships in four weight classes and is the current super middleweight world champion.

While not quite the legacy of Alvarez, Saunders holds multiple world championships too. He's previously worked his way through the Olympics and of his 30 fights, he's never lost.

While Canelo and Saunders is the event most will be tuning in for, the fight card will also include a host of matches ranging from Heavyweights to Featherweights giving you plenty of action.

Read on to see how to catch a Canelo vs Saunders live stream from anywhere in the world. While DAZN has exclusive rights, times and costs will differ for different regions.

Watch Canelo vs Saunders live stream: global guide

How to watch Canelo vs Saunders live stream in the US:

Canelo vs Saunders live stream watch online

DAZN (opens in new tab)
Unlike most fight events that are hosted exclusively on ESPN+ in the US, this fight can only be watched through DAZN (opens in new tab). There is no PPV cost but you do have to sign up for a DAZN subscription.

In the US, there are two ways to do this. You can either pay monthly at $19.99 a month or you can pay one upfront cost of $99.99. That's the equivalent of paying $8.33 a month which is a pretty huge discount to be had!

In the US coverage will begin at 8pm ET, 5pm PT tonight. However, if you're after the main event only, you can tune in at 11pm ET, 8pm PT to watch Canelo vs Saunders.

Catch a FREE Canelo vs Saunders live stream in Canada:

Canada Canelo vs Saunders live stream

DAZN (opens in new tab)
Canada has a similar situation as the US above. Like all other regions, you'll have to watch Canelo vs Saunders on DAZN but you can choose to pay monthly or yearly, depending on how much you plan to watch.

There's good news and bad news for Canadian fans. The good news is that there is a free one-month trial (opens in new tab) so you can sign up for DAZN, watch the fight, cancel and pay nothing.

The bad news is that if you want to keep hold of DAZN, Canada has the highest prices. It costs either $20 a month or if you pay for the full year of coverage, $150. While it ties you in for a while, the yearly saving is worth going for if you watch a lot of boxing.

Canada has the same watch times as the US - 8pm ET, 5pm PT on Saturday for the start of coverage, or for the main card, 11pm ET, 8pm PT.

How to watch Canelo vs Saunders online in the UK:

Watch Canelo vs Saunders live stream in the UK

DAZN (opens in new tab)
Those in the UK are lucky as this is going to be a very cheap fight to watch! The whole event is going to cost you a whopping £1.99 - less than a very cheap coffee would cost you.

That price isn't just for the one event either, that gets you a full month of DAZN (opens in new tab). This gets you access to exclusive boxing media, live coverage and highlights, and even documentaries and boxing shows.

The UK, as usual, has a very early start time. You'll be tuning in at 1am BST for the start of coverage and the main event won't begin until 4am BST. You can tune in from a mobile or tablet, computer, games console, or popular streaming devices like Chromecasts and Apple TV.

And if you're currently away from home in another country, you don't have to lose out on that excellent price. You can use a VPN (opens in new tab) to watch your UK DAZN stream from anywhere.

Live Stream Canelo vs Sauders in Australia:

watch Canelo vs Saunders live stream in Australia

DAZN (opens in new tab)
Like the UK, Australia gets a lovely affordable price for this event. You can sign up for DAZN (opens in new tab) for just $2.99 a month. And if you're away from Australia you can still watch the event like you're back home with the use of a VPN (opens in new tab)

As for when you'll need to tune in, Australians can watch the event from 10am AEST and the headline fight will begin at 1pm AEST. That lines up as one of the easier viewing times for this event.

Watch an Canelo vs Saunders live stream in New Zealand:

Canelo vs Saunders live stream

DAZN (opens in new tab)
Identically priced to Australia, in New Zealand you'll be paying just $2.99 to watch Alvarez vs Saunders. That's the price of a monthly subscription so you can watch other boxing events too for that price.

As for when you'll need to tune in, the main card will kick off at 12pm NZST and then you can watch the headline fight at 3pm NZST. 

If you normally reside in New Zealand but you're currently out of the country, you can still watch the fight like you're back home with a VPN (opens in new tab).

Watch Alvarez vs Saunders from elsewhere in the world:

use a VPN to watch Canelo vs Saunders online

(opens in new tab)

Hoping to watch a Canelo vs Saunders live stream and see the showdown between these two legendary fighters? If you're away from home, this might be quite difficult due to geo-blocking...but that doesn't mean it is impossible!

If you download a VPN, you will be able to connect your IP address to one of the countries above. Then, you can simply head over to one of the streaming services above to watch the event.

A VPN is a useful tool, allowing you to alter your IP address to show in another country. This can mean even if you're away from home in the US, you can act like your computer is back home in another country.

We've tested a wide range of VPN options when we investigated our best VPN for gaming (opens in new tab) and best VPN for Netflix (opens in new tab) guides and found ExpressVPN (opens in new tab) to be our favorite. With a massive selection of reliable server locations to connect to around the world and reassuring privacy options, there's a lot to love about Express VPN. Plus, you can set up automatic protection on any public WiFi system, making it safer than ever to browse and shop online on the go.

Follow these simple steps to get set up within minutes to watch this fight online with a VPN:

1: Get a cheap VPN installed
There's a great offer on right now where you can get an additional three months FREE on a 12-month package and save 49% (opens in new tab) (shorter packages are available too). ExpressVPN works on a massive range of devices like laptops, MacBooks, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, iPhone, Android mobiles, and more. ExpressVPN is also offering a 30-day money back guarantee, which is great if you change your mind and decide the VPN isn't for you.

2: Connect to any server matching one of the countries above
Any of the above countries have good streaming options for this event and therefore you should just choose the country you are most happy to get a subscription for.

3: Head over to DAZN
Once you've got your location set, head over to DAZN in your chosen country and voila - you're all set to go!

  • US ($19.99), UK (£1.99), AU/NZ ($2.99), and rest of the world - DAZN (opens in new tab)
  • Canada ($20) - DAZN (opens in new tab)

Full fight card

Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders (Super Middleweight, Main event)

Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama (Junior Flyweight)

Kieron Conway vs Suleymane Cissokho (Super Welterweight)

Frank Sanchez vs Nagy Aguilera (Heavyweight)

Marc Castro vs TBA (Feathweight)

Keynshawn Davis vs Jose Antonio Meza (Lightweight)

Kelvin Davis vs Jan Marsalek (Welterweight)

Christian Alan Gomez Duran vs TBA (Weltweight)

Why is Alvarez vs Saunders an exciting fight?

Active boxing fans will know exactly why this is a fight worth watching. Two world champions with a total of 88 fights and just one loss between the two them (to the undefeated Floyd Mayweather), there is a lot of experience stepping into the ring.

And if the stadium sells out, we could be seeing the biggest boxing attendance in the United States since 1927 - not a bad record to set at all!

One's the number 1 active pound for pound boxer, known for his vicious counter punches and body hits and the other, a ferocious boxer who's worked his way through European, British and Commonwealth titles with ease.

In other words, this is a fight between two of the best active boxers around right now - a great way to kick start live boxing events as they open up more again.

What are the other standouts from the fight card?

While most will be tuning in for Alvarez vs Saunders, it's not the only worthwhile fight of the night. There is a full card across pretty much all of the different weight categories.

Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama will be an exciting fight for flyweight fans as Takayama attempts to defend his junior flyweight WBO title. At just 24, Soto is still a very young fighter but his 18 wins to just one loss is the record of an up and coming fighter worth following.

Another interesting fight will be Kieron Conway vs Souleymane Cissokho. Conway will be defending his WBA intercontinental super-welterweight title. The two were originally meant to fight back in 2020 on the Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev card but it was pushed back.

There are a host of other interesting fights lined up including the undefeated Frank Sanchez defending his WBO-NABO heavyweight title that he's held since 2019. 

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