How to get Peaches the mountain lion in Far Cry 5

If you want an animal friend who can straddle the middle lane between Boomer the dog’s versatility and Cheeseburger the bear’s raw power in Far Cry 5, Peaches is the wild cat for you.

A tamed mountain lion who’s escaped captivity in the wake of Hope County’s subjugation by the Eden’s Gate cult, Peaches is available to become your companion via Far Cry 5’s Fangs for Hire programme. Of course, there are other creatures to get too (see our guides below) and if you want to know all of the game's secrets, check out our essential Far Cry 5 tips.


  • Stealthily kills enemies
  • Stays hidden in long grass
  • Scares off wolves


  • Low health
  • Can't ride in vehicles

She’s a dream for stealth players, able to silently rip enemies to shreds in seconds without alerting any alarms, but equally proficient in combat when subterfuge turns into open conflict. Peaches is fairly easy to unlock, too, so long as you follow this step by step guide to gaining access to her once you’ve broken into Far Cry 5’s open world after liberating Dutch’s Island. 

You’ll find an icon called Peaches Taxidermy in the North West region of the map, within the zone controlled by Faith. Head over to the area and talk to Miss Mable to begin the quest ‘Here Kitty, Kitty’. She’ll ask you to head to a nearby waypoint where Peaches is attacking some cultists and bring her back, but make sure you pick up the cougar’s treats at the Taxidermy beforehand; you’ll need them to lure her home. 

Once at the waypoint, you’ll need to take out the cultists and throw down a treat to get Peaches’ attention. From here, keep chucking down treats along the path as you guide Peaches back home; there’ll be two wolves and a few cultists along the way but she’ll be able to make quick work of them. 

When you return to the Taxidermy farm, Miss Maple is under attack by another squad of cultists, so kill them off before heading inside to talk to her, and she’ll let you adopt Peaches for good. That’ll end the quest and unlock The Feline Powerhouse in your Fangs for Hire menu, letting you enjoy a stealthy cat companion on your further adventures in Hope County.

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