How to get Boomer the dog in Far Cry 5

You’ve probably heard about Boomer by now. He’s the dog companion in Far Cry 5, and the first animal friend you can adopt in the game as part of the Fangs for Hire programme.  You’re definitely going to want Boomer on your team, too, as his versatility makes him great for navigating the early stages of the game. And if you want a little more help check out our Far Cry 5 tips and our Far Cry 5 guide.


  • Master scouter
  • Can disarm enemies
  • Scares off bears


  • Low health
  • Unable to ride in vehicles

Not only is he super easy to find right near the beginning of Far Cry 5’s campaign, but the good boy is a worthy ally to have by your side in Hope County; capable of tagging nearby threats, stealth killing enemies, and even fetching new guns for you on the fly. Plus, he’s absolutely adorable, which is all the reason you need to go and find him as soon as you’ve finished up liberating Dutch’s Island.

Upon doing so, open your map, and you’ll spot an icon for Boomer at Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. Set a waypoint and head over there, where you’ll find the poor dog caged up by cultists who have killed his former owner, Rae-Rae herself. 

Getting close enough will begin the quest ‘Man’s Best Friend’, which asks you to take out the enemies and set Boomer free. Kill the handful of cultists around Boomer’s cage and go and pet your new dog friend (once he's finished grieving for Rae-Rae) to win his trust and complete the quest. 

It really is as simple as that. Boomer is now your loyal companion and can be called in and dismissed as often as you please via the Fangs for Hire tab in the main menu. Enjoy spending quality time with The Good Boy.

Alex Avard

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