How to earn Resistance Points quickly in Far Cry 5

Resistance Points are the lifeblood of Far Cry 5. You earn them by doing pretty much anything in the game, and you’ll need to reach a certain threshold in each region of Hope County to take down the Seed family, one by one. 

While most players will naturally build up a steady supply of Resistance Points by just playing the game, there’s definitely a sense of strategy there for those who want to earn the resource as quickly as possible. For example, some actions will gain you more Resistance Points than others, and below is a list of the different things you can do in Far Cry 5, and roughly how much RP they’ll each earn you. 

  • Complete a story mission: 600 - 900 RP
  • Complete a Gun for Hire Specialist mission: 600 - 900 RP
  • Complete a side mission: 100 - 200 RP
  • Liberate a Cult Outpost: 400 RP
  • Complete a Clutch Nixon challenge: 200 RP
  • Save a hostage: 50 RP
  • Destroy a silo: 100 RP
  • Destroy a shrine: 100 RP
  • Destroy a roadblock: 75 RP
  • Destroy a supply vehicle: 75 RP
  • Kill a cult VIP: 50 RP

 As you can see from that quick overview, one of the best ways to earn RP is to focus on either the story missions of Specialist missions, as completing one of them can earn you up to 900 Resistance Points. I would recommend going for the Specialist missions first, as these tend to be shorter in length and reward you with a new Gun for Hire in addition to all the RP you’re getting.  

Still, there’s definitely reason to engage in cult events (destroying silos, shrines, saving hostages etc.), as these are quick and easy ways to earn drips of RP wherever you can. Just don’t waste your efforts hunting them down, since it’s not really time effective and activities like trucks and VIPs will randomly appear on your map when nearby, meaning they’ll find you before you find them. 

There’s one other important thing to note about Resistance Points; the more you earn, the more the world around you changes. Each region has its own resistance meter, which is made up of three levels and builds up whenever you earn resistance points in that region. 

Whenever you reach a new level, the resistance group within that region will get stronger while the cult leader of the area will react in some way that makes life harder for you in-game. Below is a run-down of how each region changes with each level on its resistance meter. 

John's Region (13000 RP to complete)

Level 1

  • Fall's End is the heart of the Resistance. Mary May and Pastor Jerome lead the fight against the cult. 
  • Eden's Gate is taking people and forcing them to confess their sins. They are also taking food and animals to prepare for the collapse.  

Level 2

  • More people are joining the Resistance and fighting back against the cult.
  • Eden's Gate have blocked the roads and are trying to suppress the resistance.  

Level 3

  • The Resistance continues to push the cult out of the valley. 
  • John has called in the The Chosen to hunt you down in planes. 

Jacob's Region (10000 RP to complete)

Level 1

  • To join the Whitetail Militia you must impress their leader Eli by fighting the cult any way you can. 
  • To build their army, Eden’s Gate indoctrinates soldiers and transforms wolves into monsters called Judges.  

Level 2

  • More are joining the Whitetail Militia and fighting back against the cult. 
  • Eden’s Gate sends out hunters to capture people, in order to force them into “The Chair.” 

Level 3

  • Eli’s militia continues to push the cult out of the Whitetail Mountains.
  • Jacob has called in The Chosen to hunt you down in planes.  

Faith's Region (13000 RP to complete)

Level 1

  • Hope County Jail is under Siege. Help Mayor Virgil Minkler and his group known as the ‘The Cougars’ resist the cult.  
  • Faith uses a drug known as The Bliss to ensure blind devotion to the Father. Those who resist are turned into Angels.  

Level 2

  • More people are joining the Cougars and fighting back against the Cult
  • The Bliss is everywhere. People are forced to walk 'The Path' and are losing their grip on reality.

Level 3

  • The Cougars continue to push the cult out of the Herbane River
  • Faith has called in The Chosen to hunt you down in planes

Once you reach the threshold of the meter in each region, you’re able to face the cult leader in the area, and liberate the entire zone from Eden’s Gate. You’ll have to liberate all three regions if you want to force a confrontation with Joseph and complete Far Cry 5, so it’s important to keep note of your Resistance progress as you continue to play the game. 

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