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How to install Xbox Series X games

Xbox Series X
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Wondering how to install Xbox Series X games to your brand new console? We're not surprised, as there's a couple of ways to do it. First things first, you'll need to decide what you're trying to target, as the Xbox Series X will allow you download and install digital games and it will also let you install physical media too, thanks to the sweeping backwards compatibility support. Now you've taken advantage of one of the Xbox Series X deals, it's time to start installing some games.

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How to install digital Xbox Series X games

Xbox Series X UI

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It couldn't be easier to install Xbox Series X games from the Xbox store. First, you'll want to navigate to the store from the Xbox Series X dashboard (the store icon is pinned at the end of the tiles indicating you're most recently opened games and apps), purchase whatever it is that you're looking for, and then proceed to click the "Install, you own this" button. From there, the digital game will be added to your download queue and begin to install automatically. 

If you're trying to download and install something that you already own, you could do that from the Xbox Store, but it is easier to navigate to My Games and Apps (either from the dashboard or the Guide), scroll down to the 'Full Library' option and from there you'll be able to see all owned games – which can be separated by genre, number of players, and console types, if you hit the filter button in the top right – as well as all of the games you have redeemed via Games with Gold, and those available through Xbox Game Pass and EA Play.

From there, the process is the same. Click the game tile and proceed to hit A on the 'Install All' option to download and install the entire game. If you're looking to save space on that 1TB SSD, you can also click the manage button and see if the game you're attempting to install will let you choose which pieces you want – some games will let you segment the game file to just download campaign, multiplayer, and manage DLC and any pre-order bonuses. Of course, there is one more option for returning Xbox players with an external storage drive to hand, and you'll want to direct your attention to our how to transfer games to Xbox Series X external transfer page for more guidance on that one. 

How to install Xbox Series X disc games

Xbox Series X UI

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By now you probably know what discs work in an Xbox Series X and now you're wondering how to install Xbox Series X disc games to the console. The process is similar to downloading and installing digital games. You'll want to pop the disc into the console at which point the install will automatically be added to the queue in My Games and Apps. If the console requires additional space, it will flag that the 1TB SSD is full, and if the game requires an update you'll have the option of installing that automatically as well.

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