How to buy Nintendo Switch OLED on Black Friday

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Let's say you're looking to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch OLED in the Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals. Where should you start? Considering how quickly the console sells out at the best of times (let alone the biggest sale of the year), being prepared for the moment stock drops isn't a bad idea.

OK, so we'll level with you: nobody knows for sure when the next drop of Nintendo Switch OLED consoles will occur. However, the chances are pretty good on the whole. Black Friday is the deals extravaganza of 2022, so it makes sense that retailers would be holding back the big guns (like the OLED) for their Black Friday gaming deals. In fact, we'd be very surprised if bundle offers weren't on the table in some form or another. The key is being ready for them.

To give you a head start, we've got the lowdown on where to go in your hunt to buy Nintendo Switch OLED and what offers to prioritise.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch OLED - today's stock

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Black Friday Nintendo Switch OLED - restock tips

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Although it's much less of a problem these days (the system is more widely available now than it was last year), Nintendo Switch OLED drops are sometimes a brutal thing. Appearing from nowhere and being snapped up just as fast, they can be pretty disheartening if you've been trying to secure the system for a while. If you're struggling, we've got a few tips that can help you increase your odds of securing the console.

1. Be patient and refresh the page if the console sells out

If the console seems to sell out right away, be patient. Retailers tend to release stock in waves, so it's possible the deals will go live again before long. As such, refreshing the page may give you a second chance at scoring a Nintendo Switch OLED.

2. Sign in and get your payment details ready

While this one's good practice for any highly sought-after item, it's particularly helpful if you're trying to secure a new console like the Switch OLED; it'll save you a few headaches down the road. Why? Sites often slow down or encounter issues beneath the weight of traffic during stock drops like this, so minimising the time you spend before hitting the checkout allows you to reduce your chance of a glitch and having to start again (at which point the Switch OLED deal you were trying to grab is probably gone).

3. Prioritize bundles 

As with the latest Xbox or PlayStation, solo OLED consoles will always be the go-to option for most people. That means they'll go out of stock much sooner, so you're actually better off making a beeline for any bundles that are floating around if you can. While they're more expensive, this also means they hang about for longer. Plus, there's a good chance you'll end up with some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories - like a case of bonus controllers - as well.

Should you buy a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday?

Buy now if: You'll mostly be using the console in handheld mode. The OLED display only comes into its own when the console isn't docked, so you won't get any benefit if you're playing on the TV. It's also worth getting if this is your first Switch and you want to give yourself the best version of the console.

Don't buy if: You'll mostly be playing on the TV or you want to use it primarily for multiplayer. Because the benefits of OLED only apply when the console is used in handheld mode, you may as well get the normal Switch if you're just going to use it on the TV anyway.

4. Don't pay more than you have to

Unfortunately for us, scalpers - unscrupulous individuals who buy a product to resell at a ludicrous markup - have become all too familiar over the past year. Their exploits obviously extend to the Switch OLED, so be sure not to fall into their trap by paying over the odds. The console should cost no more than $349.99 in the USA and £309.99 in the UK, so don't spend any more than that unless you're buying a verified bundle from a retailer you trust (and not a third-party seller on Amazon or eBay).

5. Keep an eye on social media

Stock-tracking Twitter accounts are an excellent early warning system for hard-to-find console stock, so follow a few this Black Friday in case they catch wind of any Switch OLED stock at a discount. We'll be on hand to warn you as well of course, but there's no such thing as too much help.

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