How to buy an OLED TV on Black Friday - what to consider and factor in

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Wondering how to buy an OLED TV on Black Friday? Not literally, in terms of 'how to complete a transaction' but what we're really getting at is how best to buy an OLED TV this Black Friday. After all, November's Black Friday TV deals and Black Friday OLED TV deals are simply the best time of year to go for OLED TVs. It's just plain fact that you'll never save more money or get a better deal (you may find similar or maybe the same deals at other points throughout the year, but Black Friday is so, so rarely beaten).

However, there are several factors that you should be mulling over. For example, on the product side of things, there's never been a more obvious year to interrogate all that's available to you in the world of OLED TVs, their adjacent competitors - and the new tech coming out too. 2022 has seen the arrival of QD-OLED TVs that have been ripping up the status quo and rewriting the OLED vs QLED world we thought was well established.

And in terms of timing, there are always concerns about exactly when to pull the trigger. Should you go early on a seemingly great deal and run the risk of being outdone in price on Black Friday? Should you wait and wait, hoping to see prices tumble, and then miss out due to low stock - or worse still, see no more deals forthcoming? It can be a hard decision to make.

That's where we can come in. We've been tracking deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday for years now, so we know the best (broadly speaking) courses of action to take to ensure you don't end up disappointed. Read on for some points and questions that will be well worth considering when mulling over how to buy an OLED TV on Black Friday.

Thinking about TV specifics


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Know which model/s you're after

It seems obvious but one of the first things to be sure of is exactly which model you're after. Given TVs are some of the worst culprits for having number- or letter-soup as names - and then also only change one character per year - it'll pay to be really sure of the specific model.

Write it down, make a calendar reminder, whatever your method it'll be worth honing in on LG G2 and C2 models rather than the older G1 or C1 televisions if you're after those newest screens. And with the gaps between generations of OLED TVs getting narrower all the time, and 'older' models remaining relevant and quality for longer, you'll have a more populous field to navigate.

New tech on the block

An extension of the above point about knowing your model/s is to consider the newest kids on the OLED TV block this autumn and winter. The two new QD-OLED TVs from Samsung and Sony mark the former's first foray into OLED TVs, and the latter's supreme excellence continuing in it.

If you've always hankered for one of the best OLED TVs but have reservations about burn-in or brightness levels, then the Samsung S95B and Sony A95K are going to be extremely worthy of your consideration. In brief, think about these two screens and that tech as offering the best of both OLED and QLED worlds in one panel.

These two TVs have shaken up the market, and have been met with universal acclaim; these really should be on your radar if you were looking at an OLED (or any premium) TV this year. In fact, such is the impact on the market of these panels this year - gaming, movies, or whatever your primary interest - we think the Black Friday QD-OLED deals will be big and some of the best 'niche' TV deals going.

Don't forget QLEDs

And while you thought you may be all about the OLED, Samsung's (and others) QLED TVs have made great refinements to their tech too. Sometimes, some of the best QLED TVs will give the OLED competition a serious run for their money.

This is specifically the case with top-end QLED models - the likes of Samsung QN90- and QN80-series TVs. They are also very worthy of your consideration when you're looking at putting your new TV in a brightly lit room. If your circumstances have changed or the position of the TV has then a QLED TV will serve you better (using a broad brush) in a room which is filled with natural light. 

If you're after another dedicated page to keep by the side of your OLED options then our Black Friday QLED TV deals page is it.

Keep an eye on 'less premium' models

It's always tempting to get caught up in the frenzy of discounts on premium OLED TVs on Black Friday - they are the headline acts of course. However, if you move your gaze slightly lower down the spectrum you'll be able to find some belting deals this Black Friday on some still-excellent OLEDs.

Such TVs include LG's A- and B-series of exquisite panels which, while separate from the premium C and G lines, do offer the same pedigree and picture qualities. Sony's X-range of OELD TVs from the last couple of years are also excellent and offer all the enhancements known to that brand. 

Remember these not-top-tier OLED TVs can still be some of the best gaming TVs or the best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and even have that HDMI 2.1 connection that can make them great value 120Hz 4K TVs.

Sometimes it's these very TVs that make the strongest argument for whether you should buy an OLED TV on Black Friday as they can slip underneath the radar.

Consider timing

Sony A90J

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Keep track of prices

It always pays to track prices no matter the time of year, but especially during sales season. Knowing the price and the value you're getting is a sure-fire route to knowing whether you should buy an OLED TV on Black Friday or not.

We know that retailers will TVs with hundreds off the MSRP, but using a tracker like CamelCamelCamel for Amazon means you actually see the prices journey over the past and see whether a TV really is at a lowest ever price, or if it's got a higher price than it did last month but it's still listed as a 'deal'.

One good rule is to be ready to commit, regardless of time, should one of this year's models fall to a Black Friday price that the previous iteration fell to. I.e. if the LG C2 falls to whatever price the LG C1 was last Black Friday then it's probably a deal worth jumping on - it might not go any lower.

Do you go early?

Now we're right into the thick of November, you might feel like you should buy an OLED TV now, as opposed to on Black Friday itself if you see a deal.

If you're happy to potentially pay more to ensure you get your new OLED TV ahead of the crush, and get it sooner too, then there will definitely be some great OLED TV deals from now onwards.

Some retailers have offered Black Friday price guarantees in the past which will guarantee you a refund on the difference should you go early but the product's price does go further down. It's worth keeping an eye out for these promos now. 

However, if you're after the lowest possible price going (or lowest potential price - we can't see into the future), you don't mind waiting for deals and stock, and you fancy your chances when it comes to the sales madness, then this can form the basis of a wait and see approach. You may find that this pays off, and you're able to stretch the budget or go for a different model given the sales on the day.

Remember to team price with size

Another thing to factor in about timing is that the bigger deals on the bigger screens usually occur on Black Friday itself. If you're open to going big with your OLED screen this year, then we often see the biggest price crashes on larger models on the day itself. This means that we often hear of stories where folks have simply got way more TV for their money than they expected due to waiting and then jumping on awesome OLED TV deals occurring on the big day itself.

This could work particularly well if you're looking to team an OLED screen, a Black Friday 75-inch TV deal, and a Black Friday 8K TV deal all in one to future-proof yourself up the wazoo.

If you think about or tally up your answers to these questions, you'll probably gauge your position as to whether or not you should be going for early deals or not. 

How to buy an OLED TV on Black Friday

If you factor in some of those questions - and the resulting decisions - from the above points, then you'll work out how best to buy an OLED TV this Black Friday and know how to streamline the process. 

This is the time of year that you'll get the best prices on the best OLED models, and save the most money. It really is as simple as that.

Today's best deals

Whatever you decide to do, though, it's worth keeping some prices to hand or for reference, so below you'll find a whole bunch of the latest prices on great OLED TVs wherever you are.

Remember the majority of OLED TVs will fall under the upcoming Black Friday LG TV deals but keep the Black Friday Samsung TV deals to hand too so as to compare the screen techs.

And for more on the TV sales, get prepped for the Black Friday PS5 TV deals, and 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals. And don't forget the Black Friday soundbar deals which will offer you a possible audio upgrade to go with your new screen.

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