How to build in Tilted Town in Fortnite

How to build in Tilted Town in Fortnite
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Tilted Town is the newest addition to Fortnite in Fortnite Season 10, but it comes with a caveat; you can't build in Tilted Town. Or can you...? It's only been around for a few hours since the latest content drop, but some persistent players have figured out how to build in Tilted Town, despite the game saying you can't. Here's how to build in Tilted Town in Fortnite, although be mindful that this could be hotfixed at any point so there's no guarantee on how long it will be possible.

Fortnite: How to build in Tilted Town

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Building inside Tilted Town is actually impressively simple. Grab some materials and head to the north side of the area, where the enormous pipe runs. Build some floor platforms and find a section where the blue forcefield around Tilted Town intersects the middle of a floor platform.

Simply stand on the middle of the platform while in edit mode, then remove a corner so you drop down into Tilted while still in edit mode. If done correctly, you should be able to build to your heart's content inside Tilted Town. The tweet above shows the easiest place to do it.

Of course, despite doing this, you still won't be able to break anything which means you could run out of mats very quickly. Since nobody else can build or break anything though, it's potentially very easy to trap players with no way out whatsoever.

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There's also another way if you find a Driftboard. Jump on top of the Driftboard - but don't ride it properly - then shoot the edge of the board so you slowly nudge inside Tilted Town. Again, if done properly, you'll be able to build wherever you want inside the ol' western village. The tweet above demonstrates how to do it exactly.

There you have it; two very simple ways to bypass the barrier and build inside Tilted Town, despite it being seemingly impossible. Epic will no doubt hotfix this at some point so while that could be in a few hours, it could also be in a few weeks, so take advantage while you still can.

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