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How much have I spent on Steam? Well, you can now find out, and it might hurt a bit

There's a few certain points in the year that you might start to wonder, just how much have I spent on Steam over the years? With Steam Summer Sale 2018 deals now in full force, offering discounts on top notch games from Rise of the Tomb Raider to the entire Civilization series in one wonderful bundle. But with sales like these happening throughout the year, even outside of the major Summer and Winter Steam Sales, and a constant flow of new releases, and Early Access Games, there are plenty of reasons to drop some serious cash on. 

If you are wondering exactly how much you've spent on Steam, developer Valve has actually added a way to find out within your Steam account. Now you'll be able to see exactly how much money you've spent on Steam games, loot boxes, expansion packs, DLC characters and more. 

While on Steam, head to the new External Funds Used tool, log into your account, and then scroll to the "Total Spend" row. Prepare yourself, because your total spend will just be sitting there, waiting for you to peek, and it could be much, much more than you thought. I know because everyone in the GamesRadar+ team just had a look at theirs, and there were a few shocked gasps. 

If you're willing to share, let us know what your Steam deficit is. Is your number higher or lower than you were expecting? And what's the game you've totted up the most hours on in your Steam history?

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