HOT TOPIC Can DC Take On Marvel On The Big Screen

Tell us your thoughts about Marvel and DC on the big screen, and you could appear in the pages of SFX

Marvel has had things its own way on the big screen for ages. Ten films into its grand plan, Marvel's Cinematic Universe is a box office behemoth, conquering all that cross its path. It's even released a movie centred on a talking raccoon – of all the studios in Hollywood, only Pixar would be so bold.

Things have been a little different over at DC – despite the huge success of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Green Lantern was a garish misstep, and while Man Of Steel had its moments, its uber-serious tone was a little dark for some. Now, with the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice , DC is apparently attempting to fast track a Justice League movie, its own answer to Avengers Assemble . And looking at the rapturous reception given to Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill) and Wonder Woman when they landed at Comic-Con, DC's attempt to bring its own heroes together in one movie might just work.

So do you think DC has a chance of knocking Marvel from its big screen perch? Or are Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and co so far ahead of the competition that they can rest easy? What does DC need to do to become top dog? Is it rushing into a superhero team-up? What could it learn from Marvel? Should DC concentrate on dominating the TV market instead? Or is it just better for us all if both DC and Marvel are making great movies? Let us know your thoughts and you could appear in the Letters pages of issue 253 of SFX , on sale Wednesday 17 September.

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