Horizon Forbidden West update quietly lets you turn off animations for Aloy picking up items

Horizon Forbidden West
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Horizon Forbidden West's latest update lets players toggle off Aloy's animation for picking up items.

As noted by the Horizon Forbidden West subreddit post just earlier today, the latest patch for Guerrilla's sequel quietly added a neat little feature. It turns out that if you head into the 'General' section of the 'Settings' menu, you can toggle the item pickup animation for Aloy on and off at will, completely eliminating the animation from the game.

As the post author attests to, turning this feature off just allows Aloy to collect items as she goes, never stopping in her tracks to pick up an item like she normally would. It turns out extracting the feature speeds up Horizon Forbidden West a surprising amount, letting Aloy sprint around the world and rapidly gather together medicinal items, rocks, and more.

This little addition strangely got very little mention or fanfare in the latest patch notes for Horizon Forbidden West. As you'll know if you've played Guerrilla's massive sequel, the Forbidden West is littered with items of all shapes and sizes, including herbs for Aloy's health, flowers that can be turned into dye for the protagonist's armor, and much more.

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