Should you wait or go now in the Horizon Forbidden West embassy choice?

Horizon Forbidden West go now or wait choice
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Deciding to wait or go now in Horizon Forbidden West means you're choosing between waiting for the Embassy, or heading straight on to the Tenakth. On the surface this feels like a significant decision, as things aren't due to start until the Tenakth arrive but nobody has rocked up and the situation is starting to get tense at this point in the Horizon Forbidden West storyline. With that in mind, is it best to continue waiting until the Tenakth are ready, or to head in and see if they require assistance? We've explored both options, to bring you an explanation of whether you should wait or go now to the Embassy in Horizon Forbidden West.

Should you wait or go now in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West go now or wait choice

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Despite the way it's presented, this choice doesn't matter. Nozar and Studious Vuadis suggest there'll be consequences to your actions, but there aren't. Instead, it's basically a threshold, letting you start the next chapter of the game when you're ready - the Tenakth Embassy and everything that follows won't happen until Aloy chooses "I'm going now."

Essentially this is a break point where you have the chance to do side quests, explore, and get better equipment before taking the Embassy quest and eventually exploring the area of No Man's Land on the other side of the gate.

Without spoiling what follows, there will be some combat once you move on, so it's worth choosing to wait if you feel like you might want to level up or get some better gear. However, if you think you're ready to meet the Tenakth, choose to go now and you'll start the next stage of the story quest.

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