There's no Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer but does have a few in-game companions

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Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer isn't unfortunatly an official option in the game. OS if you were hoping to explore the wizqarding world with friends you can't. Avalanche Software has clearly stated from the off that this is a single-player game

There is a HogWarp mod underway that adds in multiplayer on PC but that's currently in early access and only available through the creator's Patreon. So it's not for everyone 

While this is resolutely a single-player game, officially, you won't be alone technically when you play with a range of companions to team up with across missions. But, if you want to team up with friends and explore together, then mods aside, there just isn't the option in Hogwarts Legacy

Is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer?

Hogwarts Legacy doesn't have any multiplayer and is described as a "single-player" action RPG according to developer Avalanche's FAQ

Hogwarts Legacy magic

Hogwarts Legacy spells

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If you're after magic details then here are all the Hogwarts Legacy Spells we know about right now - what they do, what colors mean and how many are in the game. 

From both the pre-release developer streams and gameplay demos, it's always been clear that Hogwarts Legacy has never planned any multiplayer. Pre-release coverage and FAQ statements were explicit in stating no such functionality existed and, now the game is out, there's obviously no multiplayer.  

However, that's not to say you'll be alone as you'll be able to become friends with other students at Hogwarts. Certain quests will allow you to play alongside in-game companions, with your relationships with these characters developing over the course of the game. Unfortunately, you can't just ask these companions to accompany you whenever though, as they're limited to just their set missions.

It might not be quite the same as having actual friends with you, but at least you'll make some pals at Hogwarts and get to know these key characters a little better.

So there you go - if you're waiting on Hogwarts Legacy Early Access to jump in there's no Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer. You will, however, be able to find and make friends with in-game characters who can accompany you and give you extra abilities. 

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