Where to find Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues and unlock Alohomora

Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues
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Being able to find all the Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues is worth it if you want Gladwyn Moon to teach you Alohomora. Their locations are scattered all over the game and there are three levels of the spell to master, meaning a lot of moons to collect come nightfall. 

While you might find them earlier, you won't actually need to find demiguise statues in Hogwarts Legacy until a fair way in. When you meet the spooked caretaker, Gladwyn Moon, he explains the statues that have been placed around the world by an unknown assailant, supposedly to torment Moon with his greatest fear in Hogwarts Legacy. He strikes a bargain with you to teach you more advanced forms of Alohomora, the spell you'll need for those Hogwarts Legacy Level 1 locks, if you help him track down and remove them all.

Fortunately, there are more statues in the world than you actually need in order to complete The Caretaker's Lunar Lament. And, I've also done the hard part for you and tracked down all the easiest Hogwarts Legacy demiguise moons help you get this done quicker.

Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statue locations 

Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues in Hogwarts

After you collect those first moons for Gladwyn there are five you can scoop up straight away in the castle so there's no need to hop on your Hogwarts Legacy broomstick just yet. Remember it needs to be night time so just pop into the map and select the option to change the time before you look for these: 

  1. South Wing out-of-service toilets: Entering Gryffindor Tower from the Defense Against the Dark Arts block, walk along the corridor past the unlocked bathroom to find a locked prefect's bathroom with an out-of-order sign. Cast Alohomora to open it, and go through the middle cubicle to a secret room with a demiguise in it.
  2. Muggle Studies: From the bell tower courtyard, head towards the History of Magic classroom, where you will also find one of the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian key locations. Go down the stairs just in front of the classroom, down past the statue of the sleeping dragon, and open the locked door to the Muggle Studies classroom. The moon is on the desk.
  3. Divination Classroom: Fast travel to the Divination classroom to retrieve the moon from the teacher's desk, no spells required.
  4. Restricted Section (Library): Fast-travel to the Library and head to the Restricted Section, where you went on the Secrets of the Restricted section mission. Head down the stairs to the wood-panelled room with the enchanted book on your left as you enter, and walk down the right-hand corridor. When you see one of the white Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests, look on the small table a few paces in front of it for the demiguise.

Demiguise statues in Hogwarts

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Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues in Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade is packed with demiguise moons and most of these moons don't require Alohomora to get them. These five paired with the four above should be enough to get you to Alohomora level 2. Almost all of the main shops in Hogsmeade have demiguise statues hidden away, but these are the most straightforward to find:

  1. Private room above the Three Broomsticks: Enter the Three Broomsticks pub and head upstairs as high as you can go. You'll find a locked door to the private room, and after unlocking it, you'll come across another demiguise as well as a Field Guide page if you use Revelio.
  2. Hog's Head: Go to the Hog's Head and find the demiguise on the countertop.
  3. Tomes and Scrolls: Go to Tomes and Scrolls and go behind the counter and shopkeeper to the side room on your left. The demiguise will be in here.
  4. Gladrags Wizard Wear: Another demiguise can be found on the counter of Gladrags, easily spotted as you enter from Hogsmeade Square.
  5. Waterwheel House: In North Hogsmeade, you will see a waterwheel across the river just behind Zonko's. In here you'll find a moth painting, and also one more demiguise sitting out in the open.

demiguise statues in Hogsmeade

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This should get you enough to unlock level 2 locks. So head back to Hogwarts and find Gladwyn in the Faculty Wing, just a few paces away from the floo flame travel point. Give him the moons you've found so far and you will be able to open Level 2 locks as well. 

Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues to get level 3

Once you hand over the nine moons above to Gladwyn, he will teach you Alohomora 2. That will let you access some slightly trickier to find moons you might want to pick up to learn the final Alohomora 3. You will need 13 this time, so this lot should do the trick:

  1. Beasts Classroom: Fast travel to the Beasts Classroom floo flame and break into the hut using Alohomora 2. Enter the room on your right hand side, and the demiguise will be sitting on the circular table.
  2. House near Hog's Head: In Hogsmeade, go to the Hog's Head pub and face the food cart outside. Walk toward it and find the door locked with Alohomora 2, and enter. The demiguise is on the top floor.
  3. Next to J. Pippin's Potions: The house next door to the potions shop in Hogsmeade has a Level 2 locked door. Unlock it, head upstairs and find the moon on the bedroom dresser.
  4. House behind Honeyduke's: From outside Honeydukes, veer right and jump down the ledge to the dirt path. Follow it to a house on your right-hand side, where a breaking a Level I lock will present you with another demiguise statue on a small table.
  5. Keendale: This one doesn't require any Alohomora spells, but it is away from the castle. Travel to Keendale and look for a house with pumpkins outside. Head into this unlocked house and grab the demiguise statue.
  6. Pitt-Upon-Ford: Fast-travel to this hamlet, or fly there from the fast travel point at San Bakar's Tower. You want to head to the last house on the right as you walk right down the path from the floo flame, just before the first bridge. Break the lock and head to the top floor of the house to find the demiguise statue.
  7. Feldcroft: Head to Feldcroft and walk straight ahead from the floo flame point to the house with vines around the front door. Cast Alohomora to enter, and the demiguise is on the windowsill on your left.
  8. Irondale: Head to nearby Irondale, and enter the first house house directly on your right as you arrive at the Floo Flame. The demiguise is just inside, and your character will alert you when they see it.
  9. Arranshire: Fast travel to the hamlet of Arranshire, and head to the Level I locked door at the far end of the town centre. The demiguise is just inside.
  10. Upper Hogsfield: From the floo flame point, walk straight ahead and enter the second house on your left. It has a small wooden wheel to the right of its front door. Inside you'll see a demiguise.
  11. Lower Hogsfield: Enter the first house on your right as you arrive at the fast travel point, which is also the home of the Bickle family you encountered with Natsai. The demiguise is to the right of the front door once you're inside.
  12. Dervish & Banges: Head into Dervish & Banges from Hogsmeade Square, and find the statue on the counter in front of you.
  13. Great Hall: Travel to the Great Hall floo flame, and walk across the hall to the lectern. Go right, and you will find a locked door along the right-hand wall. Use Alohomora to open the door, and inside you will find another demiguise moon.

Hogwarts Caretaker Gladwyn Moon

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After handing over these final 13 statues, you'll be able to learn Alohomora 3 from Gladwyn once you return them to him.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and debate due to J.K. Rowling's public stance on gender identity, which continues to challenge the inclusivity at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explainer on the Hogwarts Legacy controversy.

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