Hitman 3 Gluttony DLC adds a new mission and other indulgences next week

Next week, the Hitman 3 Gluttony DLC is continuing the game's Seven Deadly Sins collection of expansions. Check out the trailer up top introducing the food-loving character you'll be dealing with in Gluttony.

The expansion includes a new Escalation mission called The Gluttony Gobble, as well as the flashy Profligacy Suit, the equally glitzy Maximalist Shotgun, and the 'Bubble Queen' Gum pack. All that will be available when the Gluttony DLC launches on Tuesday, August 31. You can buy the Gluttony DLC individually for $4.99 or upgrade to the complete Seven Deadly Sins collection for $30 and gain access to all past, current, and future DLCs.

The upcoming Season of Gluttony is the fifth expansion in Hitman 3's Seven Deadly Sins series, with two more to come at unknown dates. The collection kicked off with Hitman 3's Season of Greed DLC, which was followed by Season of PrideSeason of Sloth, and then Season of Lust most recently. Each little expansion has included various new suits, weapons, and missions themed around, you guessed it, the seven deadly sins. IO Interactive calls each DLC a "season" as they continue to release new content in the weeks following launch, so expect to see more Gluttony-themed additions in the near future.

IO Interactive hasn't announced the next DLC in the Seven Deadly Sins collection yet, but by process of elimination we can safely confirm it'll be titled either Wrath or Envy.

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