Hitman 3 Death In The Family Clues and Intel locations in Dartmoor to solve Zachary Carlisle's murder

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The Hitman 3 Death In The Family clues are well tucked away around the Dartmoor mission setting, but you'll need to uncover them all if you want to solve the murder of Zachary Carlisle. That means it's time to (literally) put on your detective hat in Hitman 3, then scour the mansion for the necessary evidence while questioning all of the family members who have unwittingly become Dartmoor murder suspects, and the knives are out as they keenly shift suspicions towards each other. To conclude this investigation satisfactorily you'll need to figure out exactly who killed Zachary, which gives a tidy conclusion to your Dartmoor mission, and this is where you'll find all of the Hitman 3 Death In The Family clues required to achieve that.

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How to get the Private Investigator disguise

Hitman 3 Death In The Family Clues

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To start this murder mystery, you need to get the Private Investigator disguise. The quickest way to do this is to head to the right of the gate right at the beginning of the level where you'll find a part of the wall you can hop over. From there you can cross the river where the banks are sandy to reach the bushes near some rocks. You can throw a coin here to get the detective's attention as he goes past, and subdue him to take his disguise. You'll need to get him close to the bushes so the rock hides what you're doing though, or the maid waiting to greet him will raise the alarm. 

You can then enter the house as the detective but you'll need to either ditch your gun to get past a frisk, or sneak it in. For the latter option head left at the front door, hop over the wall, and follow the left hand side of the house around, through some bushes. You'll find an open window right on the corner where the bushes end - drop your gun under the window here and as soon as you get in the house you can get it back via the first room on your left. You can wander the lower floors freely as the detective and no one will question you jumping out a window for a second. 

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Zachary's Bedroom

Hitman 3 Death In The Family Clues

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Once you've been led to Zachary's Bedroom, you'll need to identify six clues. These can be found either by examining objects directly, or by using your new camera to scan them. The six clues you need are as follows:

  1. Zachary's Body - use your camera to scan the body in the bed.
  2. Whisky Glass and Bottle - use your camera to scan the glass and bottle on the table by the bed.
  3. Zachary's Suicide Note - on the table next to the fireplace.
  4. Zachary's Laptop - on the desk to the left of the fireplace.
  5. Secret Room - approach the bookcases to the left of the large mirror and look for a book in the middle section you can pull.
  6. Mansion Floor Plan - inside the Secret Room you reveal, on the ledge under the one-way mirror.

With all of those clues found, head back down to Mr Fernsby in the Foyer and ask for more information. This will flag additional areas to investigate for clues – Emma and Gregory's Room, Rebecca's Room, and Mr Fernsby's Office – but to get the complete story you'll need to visit the following locations:

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Library

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  • Question Patrick Carlisle.

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Staff Room

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  • Question Rosie (the maid) - confirms Patrick's alibi.

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Dining Room

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  • Question Edward Carlisle.
  • Use your camera to scan Edward's Speech on the table - handwriting does not match Zachary's suicide note.

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Sitting Room

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  • Question Emma Carlisle.
  • Question Gregory Carlisle - confirms Edward and Gregory's alibis.
  • Use your camera to scan the Portrait of Montgomery Carlisle next to the windows.
  • Just outside from the Sitting Room on the left side, use your camera to scan the Footprints on Terrace by the steps.

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Trophy Room

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  • Question Rebecca Carlisle - she may be in the Sitting Room if not in here.
  • Use your camera to scan the Documents on the Carlisles' Assets on the round table.

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Mr Fernsby's Office

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Now start investigating the flagged rooms with Mr Fernsby's Office, as this will help with the rest of the investigation. The door to his office is locked, but you can silently pop it open with a crowbar – if you didn't pick it up earlier, there's one just outside the Kitchen by the delivery vans. The three clues are as follows:

  1. Zachary's Half-Burnt Diary - at the back of the fireplace behind Mr Fernsby's desk, handwriting does not match Zachary's suicide note.
  2. Mr Fernsby's List - on Mr Fernsby's desk, handwriting does not match Zachary's suicide note.
  3. Mr Fernsby's Pills - on the windowsill opposite the desk.

At this point you will be given the opportunity to frame the butler for Zachary's murder, even though you know he didn't do it. You should therefore continue investigating, and if you grab the Mansion Master Key here from the shelves in the corner near the fireplace you can then access the other two rooms.

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Emma and Gregory's Room

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Head up to the first floor and use the Mansion Master Key to unlock Emma and Gregory's Room, then search for these four clues:

  1. Letter From Emma's Mother - on the bedside table to the right of the bed.
  2. Greenhouse Key Chain - nestled in the pile of suitcases near the fireplace.
  3. Bulldog Cane - leaning against the drawers to the right of the fireplace.
  4. Shoes and Footprints - use your camera to scan the shoes in the corner to the left of the fireplace.

The Bulldog Cane also operates as a key to open passages to Secret Rooms around the mansion, so take it with you.

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Secret Room

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Back in the corridor, head straight on until you reach the upper floor of the library, then check the shelves behind the table with the radio where you entered to find a Mysterious Switch you can activate with the Bulldog Cane. This opens a Secret Room, and inside you'll find Montgomery's Long Lost Letter – at this point you'll be able to frame the situation to suggest that Zachary did in fact commit suicide, but we know that didn't happen so let's press on.

Hitman 3 Clues Location - Rebecca's Room

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Again, use the Mansion Master Key to unlock Rebecca's Room, then track down these two clues:

  1. Rebecca's Notebook - use your camera to scan the notebook near the fireplace, handwriting does not match Zachary's suicide note.
  2. Rebecca's Laptop - on the table in the middle of the room, confirms Rebecca's alibi.

Hitman 3 Clues Location - The Greenhouse

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Finally, head to The Greenhouse at the far end of the garden. The entrances are locked, but you can easily pop one of them open with a crowbar when nobody's looking – if you don't already have this tool to hand, you can pick one up from behind The Greenhouse. Inside you might observe Emma Carlisle working on something depending on timings, although you might also find it empty. Once she leaves you can identify the following two clues:

  1. Lab Equipment - on a bench to the side of The Greenhouse with no door.
  2. Poison Dosage Table - use your camera to scan the book on the bench to the right of the Lab Equipment.

You can also grab the Boat Key from the other side of The Greenhouse, to unlock an additional exit option and use the equipment and plants to make a lethal poison that might be useful later. At this point you'll have uncovered all the evidence you need to prove that Emma murdered Zachary, so now follow the marker back to Mr Fernsby and tell him you're ready to conclude your investigation. You'll need to act fast, as Emma immediately heads to the Sitting Room to poison Alexa's drink, and if you don't speak to Mr Fernsby before Alexa arrives in the Sitting Room she'll be eliminated before you get what you need – though this does earn you the Family Feud trophy or achievement. Once you've notified Mr Fernsby that you're ready, follow him to Alexa Carlisle's Office on Level 2 then wait for her to arrive.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor - Concluding The Investigation

Hitman 3 Death In The Family Clues

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Once you sit with Alexa in her office, you'll be presented with three conclusions to reveal, each of which unlocks a different Feat within Dartmoor:

  • Accuse Emma - A Matter of Justice.
  • Accuse Mr Fernsby - A Matter of Loyalty.
  • Accuse Zachary - A Matter of Guilt.

Whichever option you choose, ask for the Case File as your reward and Alexa will open the safe for you to retrieve it, before walking out to the balcony. If you confirmed that Zachary committed suicide, Alexa will be so wracked with guilt that she throws herself over the ledge and does the job for you, otherwise you'll need to walk out onto the balcony and push her over. You can also poison the tea she drinks in the room directly opposite when you leave her office. You're now free to stroll out of the mansion to the exit of your choice and celebrate your great detective work – mission accomplished.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor - Alexa Carlisle's Office Safe Code

Hitman 3 Death In The Family Clues

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If you decided to ask for Money instead of the Case File as your reward, or have otherwise ended up in Alexa Carlisle's Office with the safe locked, then there is a way to get it open. Activate the button on the side of her chair by the desk and a painting will move aside to reveal the safe, which has a set of four symbols above it. Look around the office for items that match the symbols and you'll find small plaques with numbers next to them as follows:

  • Clock - 1
  • Telescope - 9
  • Fireplace - 7
  • Moose - 5

Put these together, and Alexa Carlisle's Office safe code is 1975, so punch that into the keypad and you can grab the Case File to complete your objective.

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