How to get the Hitman 3 secret ending

hitman 3 secret ending
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A Hitman 3 secret ending is available if you know the process for reaching it, and as well as unlocking the A New Father feat you also get to experience something very interesting. Naturally there are huge spoilers to follow as we explain the secret ending in Hitman 3, so if you've not reached the final level and aren't prepared to know about it just yet then stop reading until you're ready. However, once you've wrapped up the game and know how it concludes, you're in the perfect position for us to explain how to get the Hitman 3 secret ending and tick off that A New Father feat in the challenges. 

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How to get the Hitman 3 secret ending

Hitman 3

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In the final level of Hitman 3 you'll find yourself on a Providence train circling Romania. You're final target is the Constant himself, along with anyone on the train. I mean it, every single Providence employee on board is a viable target, making this level an absolute blast if you want to execute absolutely everyone along the way. Whatever you do with the other people on the train you'll finally reach the Constant who will calmly accept his fate. Not before making you an offer though - use the serum again that originally wiped your memory once before as a Providence assassin and "surrender to your true nature". 

Initially, 47 will reject the offer outright and the game will leave you watching the Constant at the mirror with a wealth of options to kill him with. You can find a gun, fiber wire and axe in the carriage for example. You can also use the serum to wipe the Constant's memory, which is obviously the most satisfying option. However, to get the secret ending just wait for barely a minute: the Constant will start talking again and you'll get the option to inject yourself. If you choose this you'll trigger the secret ending option, which will be very interesting to any Hitman fans that have seen the original game from 2000. 

Check below the image if you want to know what the Hitman 3 secret ending actually entails, or stop now and go find it for yourself. 


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If you do choose to inject yourself then 47 will pass out and everything will go black. You'll wake up in a potentially very familiar looking padded cell with a barred door, as the Constant recites the opening lines from the original game, recreating perfectly the original intro that started it all and bringing the game full circle. 

"Wake up my friend. It's the dawn of a new day and you have things to do."

Hitman 3 secret ending

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