Hitman 3 Season of the Sloth is out now with new Dartmoor mode

Hitman 3 The Collector
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Hitman 3 Season of the Sloth is here bringing with it a whole raft of new additions and changes to the murder sim. 

The game is currently running seasonal content all themed around the 7 deadly sins. We've seen the Season of Greed and Season of Pride, but now it is time to slow things down. It's time for the Season of the Sloth. 

Running until July 19th, this season is about bringing down the pace of murder. The biggest addition is the new Escalation activity, The Sloth Depletion. This is a rework of the Dartmoor map, which has now been given a literally messy redesign, with the formerly pristine manor now looking rather muckier.

On top of this, Agent 47 now has a "Vitality Meter" that will be used up with movement and actions. That means you only have a set amount of effort to expend to complete your tasks. Agent 47 is apparently feeling stubborn about his laziness. You will have to size up the risk-reward of every action, manage your meter, and plan ahead. 

By doing this Escalation, you will be able to earn three new items to use elsewhere. The Lotophage suit, slapdash SMG, and goldbrick sedative proximity mine are all up for grabs. A sedative proximity mine seems like it could be very powerful, allowing you to knock out guards and targets without having to be anywhere near them. 

There are also two elusive targets up for killing (but remember, you only get one shot!). The first, The Liability, is available from June 17 to June 28th on the Club Holle map. He is a lazy building inspector who is awful at his job and gets people hurt, so don't worry too much about the ethical considerations here. Who are we kidding, you're playing a game called Hitman after all...  

The second set of Elusive Targets are The Twins on Sapienza. There is a catch though. One of the Twins has hired you to kill the other, but you won't know which is which to start. You will have to use clues to figure out the true target and get out (you think they could have tried not dressing the same.)

If you don't own Sapienza, don't worry. It will be free to all players during the duration of that Elusive Target which runs from June 25 to July 4. 

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