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Here's what World of Warcraft Classsic would look like if it had been remastered in Unreal Engine 4

(Image credit: Daniel L)

World of Warcraft Classic is proving to be so popular, some players are already reaching the max level cap of 60 (opens in new tab), while others are stuck in (literal) in-game queues (opens in new tab) to kill the next boss on their quest list. 

A YouTuber by the name of Daniel L (opens in new tab), on the other hand, his devoted his time to recreating the entirety of Stormwind City, the famous urban headquarters of The Alliance, in Unreal Engine 4, beautifully remastering the concrete jungle in all its jingoistic glory. Check it out in the video below: 

It's not playable, obviously, but damn – Stormwind has never looked this good since Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie (opens in new tab). While it's certainly a little jarring to see the city rendered in near photorealistic terms, Daniel L has captured all the tiny details of the famous video game setting, from the verdant foliage of the Mage Quarters to the feudal themed interiors of each medieval building. 

Sadly, it's unlikely we'll ever get to explore Stormwind at this level of visual fidelity for ourselves, as Blizzard has repeatedly ruled out making a full sequel to World of Warcraft, and even WoW Classic only upscales the original game's resolutions for modern PCs, rather than remastering the visuals outright. 

In any case, you can check out a full gallery of 4K screenshots (opens in new tab) from Daniel L's Stormwind remaster here, especially if you're waiting to log in to WoW Classic as Blizzard continues to add new servers to the hugely popular legacy title (opens in new tab)

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