Players are already hitting level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic, and Blizzard is rewarding them with free copies of Battle for Azeroth

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It turns out World of Warcraft wasn't quite as hard as we remember it being. Mere days after the release of World of Warcraft Classic, the vanilla edition of Blizzard's hit MMORPG the rewinds the clock back to version 1.14 of the game from 2004, and hundreds of players are already hitting the level cap of 60. 

Granted, most of these players are streamers who have been playing the game day-in, day-out (and, not to mention, have received serious help from their audiences in the form of gold, resources, and in-game assistance), but it's still quite the impressive feat nonetheless. 

Not only that, but - as reported by WoWHead- Blizzard's Brazilian Facebook channel announced that anyone who reaches Level 60 will receive a free copy of Battle for Azeroth - the 2017 expansion to World of Warcraft proper that allows players to boost any character to that game's level cap of 110. 

The irony is that most of the people who hit level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic are diehard fans who already own Battle for Azeroth, and probably aren't looking to go back to the main game for quite some time, but Blizzard has reported a huge surge in player numbers thanks to Classic's release, so this deal makes sense to try and bring some of those returning questers back to its modern day equivalent. 

Numbers have been so high, in fact, that people have been queuing up in World of Warcraft Classic just to get a chance at killing certain bosses throughout Azeroth, while Blizzard itself has been rapidly deploying new servers to keep up with the game's heavy population traffic. Now, if you'll excuse me, my Gnome Warlock won't be hitting Level 60 all by himself...

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