Here's how to get the Apex Legends battle pass for half price (and some more extras too)

The Apex Legends battle pass will cost 950 Apex Coins according to the leaks, so the sensible thing to do once it comes out is buy the smallest pack of coins (1,000) for $9.99 / £7.99 and pick up the pass, right? Yeah, you could do that, but if you play on PC or Xbox One why not spend half as much and get a bunch of other extras on top of the 1,000 coins? It's easy and 100 percent legitimate - you just have to remember to cancel a monthly subscription right after.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Sign up for Origin Access Basic if you play on PC or EA Access Basic if you play on Xbox One. One month costs $4.99 / £3.99, which will be charged up front.
  2. Log in to Apex Legends on the same account you used to sign up before. Once the lobby loads, you should see a special screen that tells you all the Apex goodies you got with your subscription - including 1,000 Apex coins!
  3. Cancel your EA Access or Origin Access subscription. You can just head to this page to cancel Origin Access, or log into your Xbox Account and head to the subscriptions section to cancel EA Access.
  4. Buy the battle pass in the in-game store once it's available and enjoy your discount!

You'll also get a special skin for the VK-47 Flatline (called "In the Game", an adorable callback to EA Sports' old tagline) and a card badge. On top of that are the standard benefits for EA/Origin Access which include a 10-hour early access trial for upcoming games and a large collection of released games to download and play free. That collection also includes Titanfall 2, which is another excellent shooter from the same developer. It also takes place in the same fictional universe 30 years before Apex, if you're into lore.

On top of all that, your Origin/Access membership will also give you 10 percent off on EA purchases. You can then use that 10 percent off to buy more Apex Coins and... you can see how this whole thing quickly snowballs.

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