Here's exactly when you can preload and play Borderlands 3 on each platform

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Borderlands 3 is one of 2019's most highly-anticipated releases, and we now know exactly how early you get it preloaded and when it can finally be launched. Knowing exactly when you can preload and play Borderlands 3 lets you celebrate its release as soon as possible, and fortunately it's not overly-complicated.

On the console side of things, Gearbox calls the launch schedule a "rolling midnight" release, meaning quite simply that you'll be able to start Borderlands 3 as early as midnight September 13 on PS4 and Xbox One. In North America, the midnight timeframe is in EST, meaning you'll be able to play Borderlands 3 at 9pm if you're on the west coast. Everyone else should assume the earliest they can launch the game will be midnight on September 13.

For PC, Borderlands 3 releases at 00:01 BST September 13 no matter where you're located. That translates to 4pm on the west coast of North America (PDT) and 7pm on the east coast (EST). That means if you're lucky enough to be located in PDT and have the PC version of the game preloaded, you'll be among the earliest to ever play Borderlands 3 - use the time wisely.

As to when you can preload Borderlands 3, just take whichever platform/timezone combo applies to your situation and subtract from that time 48 hours. To note, this is a "rough" estimate, so don't panic if midnight strikes and you don't see the title available for download right away. Exercise a minute or two of patience and you'll soon be looting and shooting through Borderlands 3 with your friends like you've long dreamed.

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