Hellraiser reboot hits Hulu in October, here's our first look at Pinhead

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The Hellraiser reboot now has an official release date, and it's coming to Hulu just in time for Halloween.

A new teaser for the reimagining was shared to Hulu's official Twitter account, and the caption confirms an October 7 release date. The teaser isn't much, but it does give us our first look at the new Pinhead, played by Sense8 star Jamie Clayton. However, it isn't an overly clear look at the antagonist, as the iconic Cenobite is obscured by the Hellraiser title running across the screen.

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"In the all-new Hellraiser, a young woman struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings from another dimension," reads the synopsis for the Hellraiser reboot.

While the many Hellraiser sequels that have come out since the original 1987 cult classic have varied in quality, there's reason to be excited for the 2023 reboot. You might recall director David Bruckner from his work on the excellent horror movies The Ritual and The Night House. Furthermore, the original movie's director, Clive Barker, is back as a producer on the reboot. 

"Having seen some of the designs from David Bruckner’s new Hellraiser film, they pay homage to what the first film created, but then take it to places it’s never been before," Barker said of the reboot.

"This is a Hellraiser on a scale that I simply didn’t expect. David and his team are steeped in the story’s mythology, but what excites me is their desire to honor the original even as they revolutionize it for a new generation."

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