Helldivers 2 marines have either completed the latest Major Order against all odds or are now unable to have sex because they haven't, and nobody knows which it is

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Helldivers 2 players are receiving one of two in-game messages: They've either successfully completed the ongoing Major Order, or they failed, and the latter option prohibits them from having sex.

Yes, you read that correctly. Earlier this week, Helldivers 2 players were riding a high after liberating two sectors in just a few days, taunting Game Master Joel with their win. Joel then decided to clap back, and tasked Helldivers 2 players with liberating five planets in just three days, a seemingly impossible task for any of Super Earth's soldiers to even come close to accomplishing.

That Major Order was too difficult to complete or has been completed, depending on who you ask. Multiple Helldivers 2 players have been reporting they've received congratulatory in-game messages for completing the Major Order, while others claim to have received messages compounding their failure at completing the huge offensive in time.

That's confusing in its own right, and very likely a mistake on the game's part. What's even more confusing is the consequences for the players who have received the messages saying they failed the Major Order. Apparently, players who failed have received an in-game message saying that in-game citizens can no longer procreate and increase the human population.

"Though many Terminids have been mercifully culled, the Helldivers were unable to penetrate as far inside the Quarantine Zone as ordered," the in-game failure message for the Major Order reads. "The expansion of our citizens to new planets will be reduced in line with the reduction of expected Element 710 to be produced. Further procreation applications will be denied until further notice."

Yes, Helldivers are now barred from having sex because they failed a Major Order. This entire is incredibly dystopian, and if you want evidence of just how weird it is, look no further than the Silo trilogy of sci-fi novels, where citizens living in huge underground silos are given a specific period of time in which they can try and conceive children. 

What a bonkers situation. Watch Arrowhead's social media channels over the coming hours. The Helldivers 2 developers will likely clarify the result of the Major Order and comment on the fallout. Another Major Order has appeared since, though it involves two planets already liberated. No one, in short, knows what's going on.

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