Hellboy creator shares reaction to new adaptation as filming wraps

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The new Hellboy has finished filming – and according to the franchise's creator, Mike Mignola, it's the most faithful adaptation yet. 

Taking to Instagram on May 15, the writer-artist, who penned the movie's script with Christopher Golden, praised its director Brian Taylor, and actors Jefferson White, Adeline Rudolph, Leah McNamara, and Jack Kesy, who's taking on the titular role.

"I wasn't on set for this one but they have been nice enough to send me dailies and I have to say I have loved what I've been seeing. If fans have been waiting for a Hellboy film that is actually an adaptation of one of my stories I think they are finally going to get one," Mignola claimed.

"Congratulations to director Brian Taylor and a really wonderful cast – and to co-writer Chris Golden who did so much to figure out how to give the studio what they wanted and still keep true to the heart and soul of THE CROOKED MAN, my favorite of the Hellboy stories."

Mignola went to on to say that he wishes the late Richard Corben, who illustrated Hellboy: The Crooked Man back in 2008 was still alive to see how they've adapted the subtitled villain to screen. "They did a wonderful job bringing his really horrific character to life," he concluded.

Set in 1950s Appalachia, Hellboy: The Crooked Man sees the horned hero and a rookie Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense agent take on a small community of powerful witches, who are being led by the fearsome Crooked Man.

In the past, the likes of Guillermo del Toro and Neil Marshall have developed live-action takes on the popular Dark Horse Comics, working with lead actors Ron Perlman and David Harbour, respectively. While the former's two outings, Hellboy and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army impressed critics and faired decently at the global box-office, Marshall's was panned and only just made its budget back, having earned $55.1 million worldwide.

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