Hellboy 2 has a new home

Given that Hellboy was a modest success for Sony and the fact that co-co-writer/director Guillermo Del Toro is one of the hottest movie talents on the planet, you’d be forgiven for furrowed brows at the news that the follow-up will not be based at Sony, but will instead find a home at Paramount. Why? Sounds like the usual Hollywood issue of deals…

“We’re moving studios right now," Del Toro told the audience at Fangoria’s Weekend Of Horrors convention. "They don’t have a deal with Sony any more and we are looking for financing for Hellboy 2. It’s at Paramount right now. It’s bigger in scale, but not necessarily in budget. Abe Sapien has a much bigger part, and we’re keeping closer to the mythology of the comics.“ He didn’t elaborate on who “they” are, but it’s likely the producers, not Abe and Hellboy themselves.

He went on to spill a tiny, but funny detail about the next film: “There is a song by Barry Manilow, and you’ll have to find out about how that fits in. I know you are all saying ‘What the f**k is that?!’“

And when asked why he hadn’t contributed to the recent Masters Of Horror TV series alongside the likes of John Carpenter, Del Toro had another spicy answer. He compared it to dating: “Calling the show Masters Of Horror is like going on a date and saying ‘this is the amazing twelve inch d**k!’”


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